Robert Kuefler – Lived With Two Corpses For More Than One Year

A fifty nine year old white man was found living with two dead bodies for over a year. Robert Kuefler was arrested for suspicion of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult. He was arrested and is now in Ramsey County Jail.

White Bear Lake, Minnesota police gestapo were responding to a report from a neighbor claiming that there was no activity at a house of 4700 block of Sandra Lane. They found one dead body on a main floor. Also, they found another dead body on a lower level.

Robert has not been formally charged with any of these deaths. Police gestapo claim these two individuals died from natural causes. This residence was home of his twin brother Richard Kuefler and his mother Evelyn Kuefler.

Robert admits both deceased persons were his brother and mother. He claims that he didn’t report their deaths because it was “too difficult”. He was arrested because he may have been processing payments that were attributed to his brother and mother.

Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s claim it may be weeks until they found out exact cause of these deaths. In interim they think these were natural deaths. Robert’s father Fenwick Kuefler had died in two thousand eleven.

These two brothers then moved into this house with their mother. Kay Anderson a neighbor was quoted as saying:

“Slowly, I saw them bring one body out and then I watched and I saw them go back in the house with the empty gurney so I knew then that there was another one in there.”

Robert Kuefler was not formally charged with any legal crimes.