Rhonda Pasek & James Acord – Overdose on Heroin in Front of Child

White people up to no good in their rigged hood. Another case of white behaviour in Ohio. This time fifty year old Rhonda Pasek and her forty seven year old boyfriend James Acord, overdosed on Heroin in front of her four year old grandson.

These two white clowns were arrested on September seven two thousand sixteen, in East Liverpool, Ohio. Rhonda is facing charges of endangering children, not wearing a seatbelt, and public intoxication. She received a court summons for tomorrow September fifteen two thousand sixteen.

James is facing charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and endangering children. Amazingly, enough this white boy pleaded no contest and is now serving three hundred sixty days in jail. Instead of being summarily executed or immediately arrested, these two white people were actually taken to East Liverpool City hospital.

They were both given several injections of Narcan, which is used to reverse an opiate overdose. Another report claims this white boy will only spend one hundred eighty days in jail and paid off a four hundred seventy five dollar fine.

Also, his drivers license has been suspended for three years. The white mother of this four year old boy, Reva McCullough lost custody of this child years ago because of drug possession. Rhonda received custody just six weeks prior to this incident.

Neither of these two white people have been charged with felony possession of Heroin as of time of this blog post creation. A sample of heroin was taken to a lab belonging to James. No drug charges have been slapped on these two translucents.

East Liverpool, Ohio police gestapo decided to post a picture of these two, including that four year old child on Facebook. Another white boy Devon Pasek, father of this white child is allegedly a local drug dealer. Devon was patted down during a drug bust and East Liverpool gestapo found large sums of money in rubber bands.

He was never charged for drug dealing.