Psyop – Do Governments Around World Create False Flag Attacks?

Do governments world wide create false flag terrorist attacks and then blame them on someone or some other country, nation, group, etc.? Psyop is defined when military actions are designed to influence perceptions and attitudes of individuals, groups, and foreign governments. Are psychological operations not just exclusive to the United States government military?

Some popular psyops that occurred in the United States of America are some events of September eleventh two thousand one, an Oklahoma City bombing on April nineteenth nineteen ninety five, and possibly a Boston bombing on April fifteen two thousand thirteen. When you start studying psyops and false flags, it is quite possible to me at least that psyops are not just exclusive to the United States government military. Some people have thought that an Oslo, Norway bombing and shooting on July twenty second two thousand eleven was another psyop false flag.

Critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin have alleged that Russia’s government had been responsible for Ryazan apartment bombings in nineteen ninety nine that were later blamed on Chechens. Allegedly, this may have been carried out by Russian Federal Security Service also known as Soviet Union’s former KGB. Another interesting allegation is that a drill by Federal Security Service was carried out on that day.

In two thousand two there were explosions in Bali which were blamed on extremist Indonesians. It later surface that Australian federal police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States agents, and United Kingdom special agents had prior knowledge of possible bombings. Shortly after anti-terrorism legislation was enacted and Indonesia decided to enter troops into Afghanistan all under a false guise pun intended of terrorism.

Do governments around the world create false flag attacks?