Psychology of Racism – Racism White Supremacy Mentally Abusive?

Frances Cress Welsing discusses racism white supremacy and black mental health. She is a Washington, District of Columbia based psychiatrist and race theorist. Frances Cress Welsing wrote her nineteen seventy essay The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism White Supremacy.

Dr. Welsing has interned at Cook County Hospital, in Chicago, Illinois from nineteen sixty two to nineteen sixty three; a resident in general psychiatry at Saint Elizabeth Hospital, in Washington, District of Columbia, from nineteen sixty three to nineteen sixty six; as a fellowship in child psychiatry at Children's Hospital, in Washington, District of Columbia, from nineteen sixty six to nineteen sixty eight; as an assistant professor of pediatrics at Howard University College of Medicine, in Washington, District of Columbia, from nineteen sixty eight to nineteen seventy five; staff physician at District of Columbia Government, Department of Human Services, from nineteen sixty seven to nineteen ninety one, clinical director of Hillcrest Children's Center, from nineteen seventy five to nineteen seventy six, and of the Paul Robeson School for Growth and Development, North Community Mental Health Center, from nineteen seventy six to nineteen ninety; has had a private practice of psychiatry, in Washington, District of Columbia, from nineteen sixty seven to present; as well as being an author.

With her psychiatry background she has extensively written about and discussed black mental health or lack there of. At times Dr. Welsing postulates that perhaps no black person is mentally healthy under a system of racism white supremacy. After year after year of psychological abuse perpetrated by those individuals that classify and identify as white, perhaps this is accurate.

With that being said that does not necessarily mean people of color cannot attempt to strive for some mental health and or therapy. Do you think perhaps racism white supremacy is perhaps mentally abusive?

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