Problems in Society

An age old question perhaps, but do humans cause most problems in society? Are they self destructive naturally or is this really intentional by some of them? A system or the system by which humans on planet Earth sure has loads of problems at least from my dogmatic subjective perspective.

There are some critics in society whom are now speaking out about the system and seem to think this destructive system is intentionally manufactured to oppress certain people in society. Perhaps there has always been a peanut gallery so to speak of nay sayers. Maybe more and more humans are becoming aware of how really self destructive they have become as a species on planet Earth.

Also, interesting to me is how some humans see problems caused by the system and yet literally intentionally avoid discussing or facing these problems. Do they think all these problems will go away by themselves by plugging their ears or that somebody will fix this problematic system for them? Then there are those in society that might be completely to any problems and go about their business as if this is normal and how planet Earth should function.

Problems in Society

Another interesting aspect is parts of society who claim it is all an act of God and is meant to occur. I have no idea how to describe any of these perceived disconnects. Perhaps there are different personality types when it comes to the human system and not just one prototypical response to what I consider not necessary problems that are caused by this system.

What has worked for me recently is to try to avoid potential land mines that this system can produce. Also, I have some of my own solutions as if I don’t know if it is possible or even feasible for one individual activist to fix this seemingly well oiled machine.