Petra Laszlo – Hungarian Television Reporter Trip Fleeing Migrants

A white female Hungarian television camera operator intentionally kicked and tripped fleeing migrants yesterday September eight two thousand fifteen. Adding insult to injury this degenerate white woman tripped children and adults carrying children. Petra Laslo was video graphed kicking two migrant children and tripping a migrant adult carrying a child.

This white female journalist was later fired from N1 television channel, which is allegedly connected to a far right Jobbik political party, which has anti-immigrant views. These refugees were trying to flee from police in their makeshift camp located in Roszke which is near a Serbian border. This makeshift camp includes some people with color from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

This white female terrorist at least to me, might face criminal charges which would constitute possibly five years in prison. There are multiple videos of this white ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, terrorist intentionally kicking and tripping fleeing migrants. This white terrorist was even on her job filming activities near a Hungarian Serbian border.

N1 Television posted a statement on their website:

“Today, a N1TV colleague behaved unacceptably at the Roszke reception centre. The cameraman’s employment was terminated with immediate effect.”

Around fifteen hundred refugees had been waiting at a makeshift camp in Roszke, Hungaria. Police terrorists had been harassing this group of people. Supposedly, around one hundred sixty seven thousand refugees have entered Hungaria “illegally” this year. Most of them have been crossing into Roszke.

Hungarian political bureaucratic terrorists have passed laws making it a crime to cross Hungaria’s border illegally. This legal terrorism won’t officially take place until September fifteen two thousand fifteen. Many of these displaced Afghanistanians, Iraqis, and Syrians want to travel to Servia.

However, Hungaria’s terroristic government military is making this trip quite complicated. Hungarian police terrorists have not been enforcing this country’s anti-immigrant stance. However, this may change with newly created legal requirements against border crossing.