Paris France Attacked in Multiple Areas by Outside Sources

Paris, France was allegedly attacked on November fourteen two thousand fifteen by multiple gunman and suicide bombers. As of time of this blog post creation, allegedly one hundred fifty three individuals met their demise. Supposedly a total of six locations were targeted.

However, there are some reports of seven locations targeted. Supposedly, gunman used AK-47’s and bombs to perpetrate violence. Allegedly, five attackers have been found and nullified. A Stade de France soccer stadium was targeted where Germany and France soccer teams were participating in breads y circuses.

The Bataclan concert hall was heavily targeted. Witnesses claim they heard men speak in Arabic, but other witnesses claim they heard gunmen speak French. Supposedly seven out of eight total bombers met their demise intentionally.

French government military claim this is an act of terrorism. I am hesitant of using that term since already Al Qaeda and ISIS are being named as culprits even thous so far no government military on this planet has claimed they know who these perpetrators are. To me both Al Qaeda and ISIS were created by the United States government military.

Perhaps this was a false flag inside job. However, I don’t know that since so far information about these multiple incidents is limited. The French government military made swift security decisions soon after these events.

Around fifteen hundred military terrorists were deployed and French borders were closed. Border checks were reinstated and the French government military:

“allow the arrest of any person whose activity is dangerous, the temporary closure of theaters and meeting rooms, the surrender of weapons and the ability to carry out administrative searches.”

Recently, the French military committed air strikes in Syria. Perhaps paybacks are a bitch and this was retaliation for those military strikes. Who knows I don’t know.