Energy Management – Do You Think Free Energy is Possible?

The necessity of a new energy policy:

A modern energy question is one of great importance. Survival of mankind is at stake. We cannot, as we clearly see at beginning of the twenty first century, continue using fossil fuels.

We need to switch over to sustainable energy sources, partly because of a fact that resources of oil, gas and other fossil fuels are getting depleted, but also because of administrative and military conflicts that are associated with a striving for a new world order.

Two policies of winning sustainable energy:

Concerning sustainable energy there are two options: an indirect and direct winning of sustainable energy. An indirect winning of energy freely available in nature consists of transformation of a natural and materially perceptible impulse into electricity with help of notably solar cells, windmills and hydroelectric power stations.

The paradigmatic conflict:

A paradigmatic conflict between direct winning of energy at one hand and an existing transformation of raw materials in association with a secondary sustainable technologies at another hand has a long history. A conflict resulted in destruction and repression of work of early pioneers in this field like Nikola Tesla (1846-1943), the inventor of alternating current, and Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), who made several discoveries in this line of research . After the death of Tesla were his papers confiscated by the american government and kept secret because one didn’t want his inventions in a field of weapons technology to end up in wrong hands?

An invention to think with one’s hands:

Paradigm means thought model, a frame of mind in which all kinds of models and theories find their explanation and method of measurement. A paradigm can thus be a certain apparatus, a certain machine, referring to certain relations of forces in nature. Thus are next to machines of clocks and communication means, also those found of energy converters representing a certain frame of mind, a certain paradigm.

The paradigm of the relative ether:

An actual, ruling paradigm may be called a paradigm of relativism which is based upon old formulations of Einstein wherein he declared that an assumption of an existence of ether was ‘unnecessary’. Relative of morality and matter is not wrong on itself, to contrary, but an -ism thereof is wrong when we along with it propose that there wouldn’t exist anything absolute anymore. That was never Einstein’s intention and this interpretation annoyed him.

Intelligent pulse driven magnet motor drive principle:

Explanation of a magnetic motor principle, which is a combination of Hamel’s principle for magnetic spin and Bhaskara’s and DaVinci’s gravity wheel designs. This magnetic flywheel requires a minimal intelligent impulse to run with speed. Thus, may in harnessing negative energy, gravitons of ether, or zero point, or vacuum energy if you like, lead to over unity devices, UFO like anti-gravity with higher speeds or even dimensional shifting with super speeds, and thus add to a solution for the world’s energy and transportation problems.

Reference is made to some work of Howard Johnson, John Bedini, and Tom Bearden. Do you think free energy is possible?

Jimmy Sabori – Was His Noble Gas 500 Horse Power Engine Possible?

Jimmy Sabori’s Papp Engine

A two cycle engine demonstrates power output up to five hundred horse power on a dynamometer; and a one cycle engine with a plexiglas cylinder shows ignition of noble gas in a vacuum process, which current physics says is impossible. The Sabori inert gas vacuum engine. According to a video, a forerunner to this engine was brought to the United States by a Hungarian, Joseph Papp.

Sabori joined him in nineteen eighty five, investing a large sum of money in a joint venture. Mr. Papp refused to share, per a contract agreement. That case ended in court in Tulsa, Oklahoma in nineteen ninety eight.

In a settlement, that judge instructed Papp to share with Sabori and to share ownership. Papp would attain fifty one percent, while Sabori would acquire other forty nine percent. Joseph Papp died that next year of colon cancer, taking that technology to his grave with him, having destroyed all formulas and equations, therefore leaving Sabori with nothing.

During his last five years, per a time of that video footage, Mr. Sabori had developed one and two cylinder engines. A one cylinder engine includes a plexiglas sleeve for viewing a reaction. Sabori is said to have subsequently developed a technology superior to Papp, using small amounts of Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, and Xenon all within a sealed vacuum.

This engine produces no exhaust, no combustion, and requires no cooling system. A two cylinder engine, which is being perfected and which is fully functional, puts out as high as three hundred fifty horsepower at low revolutions per minute. This same engine puts out five hundred horse power at higher revolutions per minute, such as at seven hundred revolutions per minute.

According to mainstream science, it is not possible for inert gasses in a vacuum to produce substantial force. A Sabori video shows otherwise.

IRS Audit – American Income Tax One of The Biggest Frauds Ever?

How to Keep One Hundred Percent of Your Earnings

Marc Lucas brings us interviews and speeches of noted attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, jurists, and experts who reveal an illegal enforcement of our income tax laws by the Internal Revenue Service and an not constitutional nature of the Federal Reserve system. Many Americans are led to believe they absolutely must pay income tax. This might be a myth where by it is actually businesses that actually are required to pay income tax and not ordinary citizens.

Also, if you live with in the United States of America, you are not required to pay income taxes. If you lived outside the United States part time then you might be required to pay income taxes on earned income while on foreign soil. Basically, the Internal Revenue service has committed a fraudulent hoax to Americans, with regards to income tax.

The 861 Evidence

A disturbing expose of the United States income tax system. Sub chapter N, Section eight sixty one, as well as over eighty years of prior law, proves that contrary to what American public has been led to believe, the income tax is not a direct tax on incomes but an indirect tax imposed only on those engaged in international commerce. The United States income tax is imposed on taxable income of individuals, not all income.

This law itself shows over and over again that in order to have taxable income, this income must be derived from international commerce and or trade. What is most difficult to see is what is not there. Domestically earned incomes of Americans, most incomes, are not shown as taxable, because they are never mentioned and never have been. This is missing from this law, proving that the United States federal government has managed to achieve one of a biggest frauds in recorded history.

Income Tax Information – Must Americans Really Pay Income Tax?

Theft by Deception: Deciphering the Federal Income Tax

For decades, millions of Americans have given the United States federal government a large percentage of their hard earned money, without ever questioning their tax bill (an actual written law that imposes this tax). From a beginning, due to strict constitutional limits on their power, Congress imposed a very limited income tax, applicable only to those engaged in foreign and international commerce. That tax was then, and continues being, grossly misrepresented to an American public so successfully that today it is common knowledge that income of most Americans is subject to this tax, even though an entire history of written law proves otherwise.

A product of years of exhaustive research and development, Theft by Deception clearly shows how a current Federal Income Tax law and its legislative history never intended to tax an average American’s domestically earned income. Combining three D animations with a methodical, step by step approach, Theft by Deception will unravel this complicated tax law to reveal a very limited nature of federal income tax. This evidence paints a clear picture that agents of the United States government orchestrated, executed, and then attempted to cover up one of most monumental financial frauds in history.

A sixteenth amendment to United States CONstitution was allegedly fraudulently passed and not enough states properly ratified it. Also, supposedly a Federal income tax in America is voluntarily as supposedly their is no law, statute, etc. requiring citizens pay tax on their income tax. Theft by deception covers these two points in greater detail plus some other arguments against Americans being forced to pay tax on their income.

Do you think that United States Federal income tax is possibly another form of slavery? Do you think it is possible you are not required to pay tax on your income as an American citizen?

Linguistic Programming – Can You Become Linguistic Programmed?

This is episode number three hundred fifty eight from Heron Stone’s Gendo a Way of Language talkshoe broadcast. Heron Stone and Tom Vine discuss five stupidities of the English language. Absolutism, duality, reification, the word THE, and the verb “to be”.

Absolutism is not as prevalent in nature as you may think. Absolutist thinking and or communication can cause problems as well as arguments. Perhaps wars have been fought over absolutist thinking.

Also, dualities tend to surface at times in the English language. The Denver Broncos versus the Oakland Raiders. Democrats versus Republicans, Christians against muslims, atheism or religion are examples of other dualities.

These dualities can cause arguments, fights, perhaps even wars, since you are only given two choices and often times individuals, groups, nations, etc. pick one side against an opposing side. The word THE is a concrete word that can cause problems when communicating in English. When speaking of THE chair when their is five green chairs can be quite perplexing.

You could talk about that green chair closest to us as an example instead. Reification is basically talking about abstractions like love, capitalism, democracy, etc. as if they are real tangible objects. People can get into arguments, srrife, maybe even wars over reifications.

The verb to be perhaps is vague and maybe not proper English. Maybe it is a lazy verb or a lack of communication skills. I don’t know as I notice I still use this verb.

Perhaps learning to use more descriptive verbs is appropriate instead of using to be. These are just five stupidities of English language among perhaps many more. I think communicating more accurately is advantageous to me daily life.

Do you think a person can become linguistically programmed? What do you think are some other stupidities of the English language?

Anti War Demonstration – Which Side of Military Terror Are You on?

In Bed With a Mosquito

A documentary short by Sarah Frank. Music by Noisola and Mary Timony. Betty Brassell has spent nearly every day of her retirement, rain or shine, protesting in some streets of New York City, her walker currently emblazoned with “Arrest Cheney”.

But when an injury sidelines her from a busy schedule of protests and vigils, Betty, seventy eight, is home bound and finds herself wondering how much longer she will be able to take it to those streets. “In Bed with a Mosquito” is an intimate portrait of activism and aging in New York City.

Lee’s Life For Lies

This Release is based on personal information found on a flash memory device belonging to specialist Lee Kendell Tucker (United States Marine 590-80-5469), captured after him being wasted during an ambush on his vehicle. Lee him self was an anti war activist, proving that many United States soldiers serving in Iraq are against this war and they have no reason to fight and die.

Which Side Are You on?

A life of a social activist is one of peace, pain, and protest. Through trials and tribulations of fighting for what they believe in, a community of passionate and highly motivated individuals emerges. Elaine Brower is no stranger to this community of social protesters.

Her involvement in an anti war movement grew rapidly in two thousand three. Now, she joins thousands of people in a fight against war, with one person in mind, her son. This is a documentary produced by Rowan University students from November two thousand seven to May two thousand eight.

Free Trades – Are Free Trade Agreements Really About Slave Labor?

The Miami Model

Against a prescribed template of paramilitary oppression, information warfare, and profit above all values, activists converge in Miami to demonstrate grassroots resistance, creative action, and international solidarity, a clash between competing visions of globalization, soon to be known as the Miami Model. Indymedia activists shot hundreds of hours documenting two thousand three Free Trade Area of Americas protests in Miami and shaped it into a documentary that cuts through mass media blackout to reveal brutal repression and assault on civil liberties that took place, as well as inspiring alternatives to capitalist globalization that were also in full effect in Miami. Are free trade agreements really about free trade or more specifically succinctly slavery?

In November of two thousand three, trade ministers from thirty four countries met in Miami, Florida, to negotiate a Free Trade Area of the Americas also known as FTAA. A Free Trade Area of Americas threatened to devastate workers, environment, public services like health care, education, water, to destroy indigenous rights and cultural diversity across North, Central, as well as South America. Thousands of union members, environmentalists, feminists, anarchists, students, farm workers, media activists, and human rights activists who gathered in Miami to struggle against a Free Trade Area of Americas were brutally attacked with rubber bullets, pepper spray, electric guns, shock batons, embedded reporters, information warfare, all coordinated by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Collectively, Indymedia activists shot hundreds of hours of video footage documenting Free Trade Area of Americas protests in Miami. This footage has been edited by a Free Trade Area of Americas Miami video working group into a documentary that cuts through a mass media blackout to reveal the brutal repression and assault on civil liberties that took place, as well as some life affirming and inspiring alternatives to capitalist globalization that were also in full effect in Miami. Are free trade agreements really more about slavery?

Trade Policy – Is The World Trade Organization Really Beneficial?

Breaking The Spell

An hour long look at the nineteen ninety nine Seattle World Trade Organization protests and some anarchists who traveled there to set a new precedent for militant confrontation, this documentary picks up where Pickaxe left off. Filmed in a thick of some action, including footage that aired nationally on Sixty Minutes, it captures a moment when world history was up for grabs. Is the World Trade Organization a legitimate free trade organization or an oppressive group with out transparency?

In nineteen ninety nine around fifty thousand protesters in Seattle, Washington showed up for a World Trade Organization meeting. Allegedly this meeting was shutdown because of those protesters that appeared. In years after this legendary confrontation the World Trade Organization had problems passing their agenda items.

Is the World Trade Organization dead because of international opposition or will it continue to try to affect international trade? One tenant of opposition is a fact that the World Trade Organization uses corporate interests in wealthy countries to obtain labor from other countries that lack wealth. Many critics claim that this organization is actually a power grab for slave labor.

Critics claim that not only does the World Trade Organization create hunger, but also kills people with its policies. How can there be any legitimacy with an organization that favors wealthy countries over poor nations? Are these critical assertions false or are there merit to these claims?

Many people are in favor of countries trading with each other on an equal playing field. It is possible that the World Trade Organization was created to make sure that this equality never exists. With such influence there is no doubt in my mind that this possibly nefarious institution will continue on with its agenda whether people like it or not.

Is the World Trade Organization really beneficial?

Money Debt – Feudalism, Serfdom, Slavery Alive in 21st Century?

Bailouts, stimulus packages, debt piled upon debt. Where will it all end? How did we get into a situation where there has never been more material wealth and productivity, yet everyone is in debt to bankers?

And now, all of a sudden, those bankers have no money and we taxpayers, have to rescue them by going even further into debt! Money as Debt Two explores baffling, fraudulent and destructive arithmetic of a money system that holds us hostage to a forever growing debt and how we might evolve beyond it into a new era. Debt is quite often an issue reported in most current societies.

Is even having debt a way to control certain people on this planet? Also, for whatever reason(s) some countries owe lots of debt to other countries. Perhaps being in debt or indebtedness is deliberate way to keep people oppressed.

Adding insult to injury, some countries are charged interest on top of current owed debt. Many nations use paper money as debt notes similar to Federal Reserve notes in the United States of America. Money as Debt Two not only continues to discuss a possible intentional fraudulent banking system, but also explores some solutions to this potential problem.

This seventy seven minute documentary is a revised edition of an original Money as Debt animated documentary. With an intentional possible infinite debt crisis, then seeking solutions makes sense. Are concepts like feudalism, serfdom, slavery still alive in the twenty first century?

With an infinite debt tied into a monetary system, then I think it is possible those a fore mentioned concepts still occur today. Does this second edition of a popular documentary about a money system have real unleashed promises?

Money as Debt – Is Money Used to Keep You Controlled & Enslaved?

Money as Debt is now a colorful, fast moving forty seven minute animated short feature that explores basic concepts of money creation in words and pictures that are not only clear but also enjoyable. It is intended for all audiences, including elementary school children. Money created as interest bearing bank credit is a magic trick, a fraud now three centuries old; one that very few people have seen through despite, or rather because of, its utter simplicity.

This is a system designed for elite control of people by those who have given themselves a privilege of creating money. It is also, I believe, a system that is designed for catastrophe. As the Money as Debt movie explains, there can be no sustainable civilization without a sustainable money system.

Is money a brain washing control mechanism? In the United States of America, money is basically used as debt notes. Almost all Americans from all walks of life use the official government money also known as federal reserve notes and coins.

Even these federal reserve notes plainly state that “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private”. The federal reserve allegedly prints a certain amount of paper currency each year. Also, allegedly the federal reserve charges Americans interest on this money and makes these citizens pay back this interest, therefore making them always in debt to the federal reserve.

Many Americans think of money as liberation and freedom. I’m not so sure that this is an accurate analysis of money supply in the United States. To me, money is used to control people on multiple levels.

By charging interest on a use of these debt notes then it is invariably possible to always keep people controlled, as long as they continue using this money. Is money used to keep you controlled and enslaved?