Palestine – is Another World Really Possible in Palestine?

Another world is possible in Palestine as well as Fort Hood resistance against deployment of third armored cavalry regiment to Iraq. Not often heard are some voices of peace cried out from some people who’s lives are destroyed by occupying forces. Those who are intent on creating divides among some people of the world use bigotry, and prejudice, as guises to justify their inhumane actions while embezzling resources.

Occupier Occupied is a collection of studies documenting some dissenting voices from a generation of people deeply affected by injustices levied by weak men, far removed from their victims. These studies dispel some occupiers propaganda which suggests these people are all terrorists and gives back a microphone to a collection of voices never heard, only sanitized. Five peace activists successfully blockaded six buses carrying Fort Hood Soldiers deploying to Iraq outside Fort Hood’s Clarke gate this morning at around four a.m.

While those activists took a width of Clarke Road and slowed buses to a halt, police made no arrests, but instead beat some activists out of those streets using automatic weapons and police dogs so deploying soldiers could proceed. Among those blockading were three veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and one military spouse. An action, organized by a group calling themselves “Fort Hood Disobeys,” was aimed at preventing a deployment of the third armored cavalry regiment soldiers to what some veterans termed an illegal and immoral occupation.

While standing in a street, activists held banners reading “Occupation is a Crime” and “Please Don’t Make a Same Mistake we Did Resist Now”. From the Texas highway one ninety overpass, additional supporters attempted to hang larger banners that read, “Tell the Brass: ‘KISS MY ASS’ Your family needs you more” “Sick of Fighting Your Wars” and “Colonel Allen [Third Armored Cavalry Regiment commander]: Do not deploy wounded Soldiers”. This latest deployment comes less than two weeks after President Barack Obama announced a second end to combat operations in Iraq.

Fort hood disobeys organizer’s denounced this as a lie, and pointed to a deployment of the third Armored Cavalry Regiment, a combat regiment, to Iraq as clear proof. They have stated they will continue to organize direct action in a Fort Hood community to oppose wars as long as troops continue to deploy.

Iraq Occupation – Was 2003 Invasion Based on US Military Lies?

United States policy in Iraq and Life in Iraq under United States military occupation talks given by a Dr. Dahlia Wasfi. Dr. Dahlia Wasfi was born in the United States to an American Jewish mother and an Iraqi Moslem father. She lived in Iraq as a child, returning to the United States at age five.

She earned her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in nineteen ninety seven. Dr. Wasfi has made two trips to Iraq to visit her extended family since a two thousand and three “Shock and Awe” invasion, including a three month stay in Basrah in spring of two thousand six. She has brought her eyewitness account of life under occupation to the United States, Capitol Hill in District of Columbia, Toronto Canada, Vancouver Canada, Madrid Spain in two thousand seven, and the third International Iraq conference in Berlin, Germany, in March two thousand eight.

Her talk in Austin, Texas covered some devastating effects of the nineteen ninety one Gulf War, some economic sanctions, and a two thousand three invasion and occupation. Dahli Wasfi is a peace activist and critic of American military presence in Iraq. Was the United States military intervention in Iraq justified or based off of deceit, lies, distortion of reality, etc.?

Even former puppet United States President George W. Bush has admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with some events of September eleven two thousand one and did not have weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Wasfi has spoken out in support of immediate, without conditional withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and a need to end a current occupation of Iraq. She is currently working on a book that has been put on hold.

White Phosphorus – is Another World Really Possible in Iraq?

Another World is Possible in Iraq. Not often heard are some voices of peace cried out from people who’s lives are destroyed by occupying forces. Those who are intent on creating divides among people of the world use bigotry, and prejudice, as guises to justify their inhumane actions while embezzling resources.

Occupier occupied is a collection of studies documenting dissenting voices from a generation of people deeply affected by injustices levied by weak men, far removed from their victims. These studies dispel some occupiers propaganda which suggests that these people are all terrorists and gives back a microphone to a collection of voices never heard, only sanitized. Fallujah White Phosphorus.

Fallujah, Iraq. This documentary shows that weapons of mass destruction were used by George W. Bush and the American government military against a country unable to feed itself, who is desperately trying to survive against insurmountable odds, yet in violation to international law, the American gunslinger George W. Bush lashes out with perhaps a most atrocious weapon of mass destruction any one human could suffer. This documentary provides evidence that if put before a jury, George W. Bush would be convicted to a death penalty in his own country!

Was white phosphorus used on Iraqi civilians during an invasion of Iraq by the United States military in 2003 and beyond? White phosphorus is a colorless, white, or yellow waxy solid with a garlic like odor. It does not occur naturally, but is manufactured from phosphate rocks.

White phosphorus reacts rapidly with oxygen, easily catching fire at temperatures ten to fifteen degrees above room temperature. White phosphorus is used by the United States military in various types of ammunition, and to produce smoke for concealing troop movements and identifying targets. There have been many allegations of white phosphorus use in Iraq.

Do you think it is possible white phosphorus was used on Iraqi’s during an American invasion?

Police Misconduct – Reasons Why You Should Never Talk With Police

James Duane, a professor at Regent law school and a former defense attorney, tells you why you should never agree to interview with police and explains why innocent people should never talk to police. George Bruch from the Virginia Beach police department responds to professor James Duane’s presentation. Legally, police are allowed to lie during police interrogations also known as interviews.

Police often times pressure people into admitting guilt, even when they are innocent. Police are trained to try to get a written confession. Even defense attorneys like James Duane will often times recommend an individual obtain legal counsel, even if they are innocent.

A verbal and or written confession can become devastating to an individual. There are cases when individuals have convictions overturned based on false confessions brought about by coercion. However, this might be an exception rather than a rule.

Mr. Duane’s overall assertion is that individuals should have an attorney or lawyer present when interacting with Police. Also, individuals can assert their fifth amendment right which allows them protection from self incrimination. Innocent people do get jail time and or sentenced believe it or not because they failed to obtain legal counsel to defend them.

With America’s Police state ever becoming more terrorist in my eyes, avoiding self incrimination is all too important. Even if you cannot afford paid legal counsel, a public defender at least is a witness of what was being discussed. James Duane brings up this point of having a witness, even juveniles having a parent as a witness is described.

The legal system can destroy even an innocent persons life. Police are not immune to corruption either. With a persons physical freedom at stake, why wouldn’t people take interacting with Police more seriously?

Curious about whether or not refraining from talking to Police is good legal advice?

Abstract Concepts – Are Some Abstractions Used to Brain Wash You?

Abstract concepts are plentiful in the current system that humans use to survive by. Are some of these abstractions brain washing or at a very least cause arguments? Abstract concepts like communism, socialism, money, love, etc. may seem innocent on a surface, but perhaps can become problematic.

My quick explanation of what kind of abstract ideas is if I can literally put word labeling something in a tool box then that is a real object. How does one put communism into a tool box? Communism is reification which is basically a man made concept of a certain ideology or actions.

When people argue over these concepts that really aren’t real, then is that not problematic in nature? Also, some people kill each other over arguments about ideas, concepts, philosophies, etc. I take this a step further and think that it is perhaps possible that some abstract concepts are used intentionally to brain wash people.

One such abstract concept I speak of is money. To me money is a man made concept with tokens and ink paper used to make this illusion come to life so to speak. Is money really valuable or is it a mind trick where by your brain gives something man made an arbitrary value.

Money might also be relative where by some people think some items are worth more tokens or ink paper. Obviously, people trade tokens and ink paper for real tangible items ie. food, furniture, automobiles, etc. My point is that why is it necessary to have this intermediary fake items in order for some ends to justify some means?

Money is just one example of reification being used in language or in other words abstract delusions of grandeur perhaps. Taxes, interest, debt, and even nations, counties, states are all forms of abstract concepts. I often think that perhaps a lot of these man made concepts are used nefariously to get people in society to buy into certain ideologies, pun intended.

Zeitgeist – Is This Movement a Communist Socialist False Positive?

Zeitgeist: Addendum, attempts to locate root causes of some pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution. This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other establishment notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part. This work advocates a new social system which is updated to present knowledge, highly influenced by a life long work of Jacque Fresco, whom is “ex” military and the Venus Project.

Zeitgeist films were produced and directed by Peter Joseph Merola. These films covered some events of September eleven two thousand one, United States federal reserve system, religion, etc. One key solution is a resource based economy, which is a big part of the Venus Project.

Zeitgeist heavily criticizes a current system of government, military, politics, formal law, etc. Peter Joseph Merola released the first Zeitgeist documentary film in two thousand seven. Conspiracies such as September eleven two thousand one, federal reserve banking system, religion used as a control mechanism, etc. are covered in this film.

Not like other film documentaries that point out perhaps obvious flaws with a current human system, Zeitgeist actually discusses potential solutions to these problems.

This film series starting with Zeitgeist the film, Zeitgeist Addendum, and ending with Zeitgeist Moving Forward is a trilogy. Peter Joseph Merola was going to make a fourth film entitled Zeitgeist Beyond the Pale, but he later decided to end this film series as a trilogy. This trilogy has had millions of views on the Internet as all three films are available for free.

A Zeitgeist movement and Venus Project later cut ties, after some controversy and a decision made that both organizations would remain individual in nature. Also, Gregory Wantz, former radio host of Zradio an officially sanctioned Zeitgeist movement, was recorded possibly threatening someone’s life. Is Zeitgeist movement just another false positive communist socialist movement?

News Media – Was American News Media Complicit With 911 Cover up?

September Clues

News media had a central role in pulling off a September 11, 2001 psychological operations. That operation involved airing on television a substitute, computer generated version of reality. It has temporarily succeeded to sell to the world a preposterous tale of nineteen young terrorists using hijacked airliners to attack the United States of America.

This longstanding research has established a falseness of images shown on Live television on September 11, 2001, as well as all subsequently released video material. A September 11, 2001 hoax is definitively exposed by methods revealed. A large number of casualties was also reported to generate public outrage and support for illegal wars of aggression.

However, September Clues research has determined that those alleged victims were fictitious identities mostly or entirely created within a digital realm. The 9 11 hoax and a phony “War on Terror” are definitively exposed by methods revealed. September clues is a controversial film documentary with a premise that some events of September 11, 2001 were a false flag inside job.

What perhaps makes this documentary controversial, even with in a “truth” movement is that it claims that no planes were used on September 11, 2001 and that those alleged planes in Manhattan were computer generated. Also, a common theme in this 911 documentary is that News media in the United States was complicit in covering up what really happened. The official story claims nineteen terrorist’s with box cutters hijacked planes and crashed them into both twin towers.

September Clues refutes this as false with analysis of video coverage used on September 11, 2001 by the mainstream media. This video documentary film was created by Simon Shack. Was manufactured fake video transplanted into news coverage on September 11, 2001?

Another thing questioned in this film was alleged amateur video coverage of some events of 911. Do you think it is possible media fakery was used in news media coverage of those events of September 11, 2001?

Unmanned Air Vehicle – Was Military Drone Used on Pentagon on 911?

Painful Deceptions

This video documentary shows that a conspiracy is much larger than the United States government wants you to believe. An aircraft that hit the United States military Pentagon appears to be a remotely controlled drone. Explosives appear to have been placed in both towers before an attack to cause those towers to disintegrate into dust.

Building seven was a forty seven story, steel framed building that disintegrated at five thirty PM Eastern time, also from explosives. A twenty third floor was mayor Rudy Giuliani’s “Emergency Command Center”, which had its own air supply. This appears to be a command center for an attack on New York Cities world trade center towers.

Plus, an explanation of turbofans, explosives, the Alfred P Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City bombing, a media that Americans mistakenly refer to as our “Free Press”, and why deception is a main weapon in this war to control us. Painful Deceptions is a movie documentary with a premise that some events of September 11, 2001 was a false flag inside job. Eric Hufschmid created and produced this film documentary.

This documentary claims that a remote controlled drone was used to damage the United States’ Pentagon instead of flight seventy seven. Explosives were used to control demolition the twin towers in Manhattan, New York was an explanation, instead of the United States government military’s official explanation. Building seven falling in it’s own foot prints was explained as another controlled demolition.

Painful Deceptions covers other facets of “The System” but primarily concentrates on some events of September 11, 2001. Interestingly enough some events in Oklahoma City in 1995 was also covered. This event too was questioned as another false flag inside job, contrary to what the United States government military has claimed.

Think it is possible that an Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and some events of September 11, 2001 were false flag inside jobs?

Controlled Demolition – Were Twin Towers Controlled Demolition?

What is “911 Mysteries”?

Ninety minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with eye opening witness testimonials. Moving from “the myth” through “the analysis” and into “the players,” careful deconstruction of an official story set right alongside clean, clear science. A September 11, 2001 picture is not one of politics or nationalism or loyalty, but one of strict and simple physics.

How do you get a ten second one hundred ten story pancake collapse? A movie that might actually reach our complacent mainstream. No agenda.

No finger pointing. Just facts and “mysteries”. Look at that.

Think about this. A story of people: Willie Rodriguez’s strange recollection of noises on a thirty fourth floor. Who was up there, bumping around?

Scott Forbes’ similar story, weeks before those towers fell. A story of blasting itself. Here’s how shaped charges slice through steel beams to control a way they fall.

A 911 Mysteries move documentary about some events of September 11, 2001 basically covers a premise that the Manhattan twin tower buildings were controlled demolition. It does not try to figure out whom perpetrators were. This documentary goes into detailed analysis of how those twin towers were brought down by controlled demolition charges.

The director of 911 Mysteries was Sofia Shafquat. Her documentary even covered a history of those now defunct one hundred and ten story sky scrapers. 911 Mysteries is a first documentary claiming that some events of September 11, 2001 was an inside job false flag, that I personally witnessed.

I viewed it on a cable access station in Denver, Colorado in mid 2000’s. Let’s just say I was shocked while viewing it for that very first time. Overall, I thought this video documentary made some very good points.

After getting over my initial paranoia, after watching this film, that completely questioned the United States government military’s official story pertaining to September 11, 2001, I decided to study 911 on my own.

Against Iraq War – September 2001 Used as Pretext Against Iraq?

ZERO: an Investigation Into 9/11

This documentary has one central thesis, that an official version of events surrounding some alleged attacks on September 11, 2001 can not be true. This feature documentary from Italian production company Telemaco explores some latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the United States government’s account. Featuring presentations from intellectual heavy weights; Gore Vidal, and Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, this film challenges assumptions surrounding those 911 attacks.

In words of the Italian daily newspaper, Il Corriere Della Sera, “What results is a sequence of contradictions, gaps, and omissions of stunning gravity”. An importance of this film can not be overstated. If its thesis is correct, some justification for going to war in Iraq is built on a series of outrageous lies.

Were those events of September 11, 2001 in Manhattan used as justification to invade Iraq? Initially, Iraq was demonized as having weapons of mass destruction and nothing to do with September 11, 2001. Did the United States government military then use this false flag inside job to attack Iraq and other parts of the world?

This documentary covers World Trade Center seven tower crashing down into its own foot prints so to speak about eight hours after World Trade Center towers one and two fell. Many Americans or people world wide for that matter are still not aware of this fact. World Trade Center seven falling was only televised on television on September 11, 2001.

Also, there is some what of a consensus, by some people, that building seven as it is referred to was controlled demolished. How does a forty seven story skyscraper building fall down with very minimal collateral damage and a few insignificant fires? Building seven perhaps is one most significant events of September 11, 2001 that may have been and continues being over looked by media outlets.