Omar Mateen – Suspect Caused Fifty to Meet Demise at Pulse Club

Another mass shooting in AmeriKKKa. The United States government military, a terrorist organization, ironically is claiming this incident is an act of terror. Omar Mateen is the deceased suspect.

He killed fifty and wounded fifty three. One report by police terrorists claim that Omar had explosive devices on his persons and in his vehicle. However, other federal bureaucrats claim he did NOT have any explosives.

This lone wolf gunman started capping people at 2 AM local Eastern time. This twenty nine year old was a trained security guard. In both two thousand thirteen and two thousand fourteen he was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Insurgency.

Around 5 AM police broke down the front door of this Pulse lesbian gay bisexual transgender night club. They then terminated this gunman. Per usual authorities are trying to claim Omar had ties to Islam and or ISIS, but that has not been proven as true.

The Orlando Regional Medical Center, Arnold Palmer Hospital, and Winnie Palmer Hospital within close proximity to this incident, were placed under lockdown. Omar was aged twenty nine and possessed an AR-15 and handgun. Interestingly enough Omar purchased his weapons legally.

June is LGBT pride month. Around three hundred and twenty individuals were inside this club. An explosion was detonated near this club in order to coerce this shooter.

Police gestapo claim Omar made a 911 call before murdering fifty people and supporting the Islamic state. Prior investigations of Omar Mateen by the Federal Bureau of Insurgency were closed:

“when it produced nothing that appeared to warrant further investigation.”

Also, June is the Muslim holy month Ramadan. Omar’s father Seddique Mateen, actually ran for President in Afghanistan. Also, Omar possessed fire arms licenses from the state of Florida.

Coincidentally, James Howell was arrested in Los Angeles today June twelve two thousand sixteen, less than twenty four hours after this incident, near a gay pride parade. Police gestapo claim they found several weapons including three rifles, ammunition, and tannerite