Noel Aguilar – Executed by LA Sheriff Jose Ruiz & Albert Murad?

A video of the murder of then twenty three year old Noel Aguilar by Los Angeles Sheriff terrorists Jose Ruiz and Albert Murad, surfaced on December eighteen two thousand fifteen. These two terrorists murdered Noel Aguilar on May twenty six two thousand fourteen. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department, which is a terrorist organization to me, claims that Noel Aguilar fired a shot at one of these Sheriff goons.

However, this video proves otherwise and actually it was Sheriff terrorist Jose Ruiz that shot his partner in terrorism Albert Murad. This bitch Jose Ruiz was quoted as saying:

“You fucking move, I’m going to kill you, bitch!”

An autopsy report classifies this incident as a homicide with multiple gunshot wounds. An anonymous individual videographed this incident and turned it over to lawyers for Noel Aguilar. These two Los Angeles County Sheriff terrorists have not ben charged with any wrong doing.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office using public relations tactics claim that Noel had a gun on him. Also, they claim he tried reaching for one of these terrorists’ weapons. This video completely refutes these claims.

These terrorist scum fired four shots into Noel Aguilar. Then Jose Ruiz propped his entire body onto Noel so that he would suffocate, even though he was already dying from one gunshot to his stomach and three gunshots to his back. Soon after more Los Angeles County Sheriff terrorists arrived on scene and immediately pointed weapons at witnesses.

They made them scurry back into their homes with threats. This Los Angeles County Sheriff terrorist organization and these two terrorists, Jose Ruiz and Albert Murad are being sued. Both these two savages, Jose Ruiz and Albert Murad are back on the streets of Los Angeles as sheriff terrorists. There will be a protest march on January twenty first two thousand sixteen at:

Eddie’s Liquor
299 East Artesia Boulevard
Long Beach, California, 90805

Noel Aguilar leaves behind a fiance and now one year old daughter.