Nikola Tesla Patents – Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla

This program reveals discoveries of a forgotten genius, many of which went virtually unnoticed for nearly a century. Nikola Tesla is considered the father of our modern technological age and one of a most mysterious and controversial scientists in history. How did this obscure visionary from what is now Yugoslavia, lay the foundation for modern communications and energy research?

Nikola Tesla’s contributions to science and technology include an invention of radio, television, radio astronomy, remote control and robotics, radar, medical x-ray and a wireless transmission of electricity. Many of Nikola Tesla’s inventions were and in some cases still are considered too revolutionary by government agencies and some power brokers of that time and are discussed in detail in this program.

Encyclopedia Britannica lists Nikola Tesla as one of a top ten most fascinating people in history. So why is he virtually unknown to a general public? This program is a penetrating study of a life and mind of a scientific superman who, against all odds, dedicated his life to a task of designing and improving technology for a service and advancement of humanity.