Niagara Wheatfield High School – Placed in Lockdown by Ammunition

A Niagara Falls, New York school named Niagara Wheatfield High School was placed under lockdown because some ammunition was allegedly found by a student. Supposedly around a dozen rounds of ammunition was found in this school’s parking lot. Unfortunately, police terrorists were then called.

Allegedly, three different types of ammunition was found around 2:30 PM local eastern time. This temporary internment camp allowed departing students to vacate. However, students still in shock after a days worth of brain white washing, I mean students sticking around for after school activities, had their right to travel freely stolen from them.

These students along with this school was placed on lockout. Police terrorists supposedly soon after searched this school inside and out, including parking lots. Somebody from this school administration phoned local police terrorists around 2:40 PM Eastern time.

Allegedly, around one hundred students were forced to stay in this temporary internment camp until around 5 PM Eastern time. These alleged rounds of ammunition were found on a windshield of a motor vehicle in a school parking lot. A brain white washer in chief I mean school superintendent Daniel Ljijanich was quoted as saying:

“In coordination with local law enforcement, the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District commenced a lock out of the high school and middle school campus, local law enforcement are on the scene clearing the premises. The district is taking precautionary measures.

All students and staff are safe.”

Another report claims that this alleged ammunition was found on a hood of an automobile. Peculiarly, a freshman orientation in January was cancelled and supposed to become rescheduled. I never knew freshman orientations were taking place while a year left of school remains.

Both this high school and a middle school were both placed in lockout mode. Students were ushered like cattle into a cafeteria during this incident. No word on whether or not local police, sheriff, and or school superintendents planted that ammunition themselves and then sounded this alarm.