Neal Falls – White Serial Murderer Killed by Woman he Attacked

Neal Falls, a forty five year old white male suspected serial murderer, met his demise last week. One of his possible victims, whom he had attacked killed him. Neal tried strangling a female escort he had met off of

Allegedly, she shot him with his own gun. This Oregon man is in process of being linked to ten or more murders. Also, a post it note was found on him, with ten more potential victims.

Handcuffs, knives, axes, one sledgehammer, one bulletproof vest, one gun, shovels and some bleach was found in a vehicle he owned. Most of his possible victims fall under a category of sex worker as a career choice. All ten of his possible future victims have allegedly been notified.

He dismembered some of his victims. A woman that escaped murder is quoted as saying “I could tell that he had already done something, because he said he was going to prison for a long time and that’s when I knew he was going to kill me”. Her name has not yet been released.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency is also sticking their nose into this investigation. Many of his potential victims were from Nevada. Possibly more victims were from Ohio.

This white man had been compensating this sex worker for her services. However, this white man showed up with gun in hand on evening of his death. He then attacked this woman as soon as she opened her door.