Natural Capitalism – Can Abolishing Capitalism Create Prosperity?

Natural capitalism is perhaps an oxymoron or maybe a more accurate definition of what could transpire. Currently, capitalism to me is not creating prosperity but actually causing poverty. Could abolishing a current capitalistic system actually create real prosperity?

Using money and passing around pieces of paper not only is a waste of time but actually is a control mechanism. Certain people on planet Earth have most of these pieces of paper. Other persons on this planet have very little money and barely survive.

One problem perhaps is finding a system to replace capitalism. There are ideas like a resource based economy where money wouldn’t me used. Going back to bartering and trading is also talked about by some people.

Then there is what I consider not necessary fear mongering about what could happen if capitalism was no longer used. To me it could be advantageous if people had more choices. Some humans could barter, some could trade, and some could still use money.

Having choices could further alleviate any potential problems of just pulling a capitalistic rug so to speak. If multiple economic systems functioned at once, then maybe there would be less and less problems, until finally most problems would disappear. One other issue I see is people even embracing a new or newer systems.

Perhaps humans are so used to capitalism that they cannot envision any other way of providing for themselves. Certainly there is a more natural way of humans prospering? Capitalism to me is too corrupt and manufactures poverty.

It seems as if there are only a few individuals that are truly prospering where as a great majority are mired in despair and poverty. Perhaps even noticing a problem with capitalism is a revolutionary thought at this point. Eventually, maybe more humans will realize how dangerous capitalism has been.

Can abolishing capitalism create prosperity?