Most Watched Cable News Network – MSNBC Lawrence O Donnell Tirade

I could not resist writing this blog post. Microsoft National Broadcasting Corporation anchor Lawrence O’ Donnell went on a fucking tirade recently. This studio coverage of him cussing like a sailor and yelling at his own coworkers has gone viral.

This alleged leaked video first appeared on Mediate. I am a bit suspicious of this leak, because since this was in studio camera video footage, why was it leaked at all? Anyways, his cussing does not fucking offend me one bit.

However, if this is natural organic video footage, then to me this is an excellent insight into the fucking fake world of television. These media whore propagandists like Lawrence O Donnell to me are no different then the rest of us serfs. Adding insult to injury a lot of these media whores are members of secret societies, military intelligence families, non governmental organizations, etc.

Also, most of the high profile television anchors like Lawrence are millionaires. Lawrence I guess was working on creating video clips for his lousy show The Last Word. MicroSlop National Bullshit Corporate propaganda is obviously left wing liberal media.

However, I don’t choose sides in the stupid duality called left versus right politics. Faux Pas News also known as Fox News Channel to me puts out just as much garbage. You see I don’t fucking watch television and that includes cable television.

“A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry,”

Lawrence O’Donnell

This telepromptor reader is actually an occasional actor and producer for Hollyweird. Lawrence is also a former writer with one book made into a film. Quite the fucking biography for an upity angry loose canon white man, with his membership benefits in the good ol white boys club.

This clown has government military connections in the form of mostly assisting Senator Daniel Moynihan. He has also written scripts for television shows like The West Wing. I am not actually sure why these video out takes were leaked?

Maybe some of his victims of his abusive shenanigans had enough? I would think that if these video clips were indeed leaked without approval, wouldn’t somebody get fired? Maybe they risked their lousy careers working for a lousy media whore propagandist considered as the most watched cable news network in America according to some statistics.

A quick search shows Faux Pas News and MicroSlop National Bullshit Corporation one and two. Not that I fucking care about garbage television. Not that I care about the lunatic left versus right dualistic paradigm.

However, I did find it amusing and interesting watching another fake ass American show their true lack of color. This clown earns allegedly four million dollars per annum to read off of a telepromptor and yell expletives at people.