Michigan State Gymnastics – Larry Nassar Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Another white man up to no good in America. This time fifty seven year old white man Dr. Larry Nassar faces one criminal complaint and one civil lawsuit. Two former female United States Gymnasts are claiming he sexually assaulted them.

They were both teen girls at time of these assaults. One gymnast is thirty one year old Rachael Denhollander. She filed a criminal complaint with Michigan State University police gestapo.

She claims this white pervert sexually assaulted her six times when she was his patient. He fingered her with one finger and thumb both vaginally and anally. Larry then unhooked her bra and rubbed her mammaries.

Rachael claims that he performed these actions with her mother in same room. This complaint was filed in August of two thousand sixteen. Another former United States Gymnast and even Olympic medal winner has filed a lawsuit in California.

However, her name has remained anonymous as she even filed this suit under fictitious name of “Jane Doe”, in Sacramento County Superior Court on September eight two thousand sixteen. She alleges this white pervert fondled her genitalia, mammaries, and other parts of her persons. This law suit also claims harassment and violence were used by Larry.

This anonymous female claims that this behaviour occurred while she was twelve to eighteen years old. Larry Nassar worked for USA Gymnastics from nineteen eight six until September two thousand fifteen. He was a team USA medical staff member.

Larry the pervert has not been charged with any crimes as of time of this blog post creation. Also, he is currently employeed by Michigan State Universities gymnastics team. These sexual molestations occurred in nineteen nineties and two thousands.

This white clown has been suspended from “clinical and patient duties”. Also, he works at Twistars Gymnastics Club USA in Michigan.