Mexica Movement – Citlalli Talks Indigenous Liberation For Anahuac

What is the Mexica Movement you ask? The Mexica Movement is a Los Angeles, California based liberation group. They are wanting to liberate themselves, for indigenous anahuac, from the white supremacy system.

They include indigenous individuals from Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Mexica Movement want their people to obtain their lands back, that were stolen by Europeans, beginning at least around fourteen ninety two. White supremacists killed off ninety five percent of indigenous peoples on what is now known as North America via biological warfare, more specifically small pox.

Also, white terrorists killed off a similar number of indigenous people, in what is now known as South America. White supremacist terrorists, then brought people from what is now known as Africa, against their will, to both North America and South America. They used these people to build up infrastructure, on these stolen lands.

Mexica Movement label themselves as Nican Tlaca, perhaps as defiance against a system of white supremacy terrorism. This could be a more original term, for what people of color called themselves, before their lands were stolen. Also, Mexica Movement calls Mexico, Central America, Canada and the United States, anahuac.

Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac

Cemanahuac defines what is now known as the Western Hemisphere, including North America, Central America, and South America. Tawantinsuyu defines what is now known as South America. Mexica Movement rejects labels like latino, hispanic, mestizo, and la raza because of them being potential racial slurs by white supremacist europeans.

Instead they call themselves Nican Tlaca. Mexica Movement was founded in nineteen ninety two by Olin Tezcatlipoca. One aspect of their policy, that is a bit perplexing to me, is that this group supports the United States CONstitution.

According to them this document originated from Iroquois and will protect both their people and Europeans. I never have and never will defend the United States CONstitution, a docoment that white supremacist’s used to create the United States and basically labels black people three fifths of a man. If you want to learn more about the, you might want to listen to my interview of Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac, a long standing member of the Mexica Movement.