Larry Gordon – Causes Two Michigan Police Gestapo to Meet Demise

In the system of white terror, another white man acts out with violence. July eleven two thousand sixteen, forty four year old white man Larry Gordon, caused two Michigan sheriff deputies to meet their demise. Larry, was being charged for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

He was being escorted by bailiff’s when a struggle ensued. Larry was able to obtain a gun and capped two other Sheriff bailiffs that arrived to assist. This white man was holding a seventeen year old girl hostage in a shed for two weeks.

This led to his arrest and legal charges. According to Michael Sepic, a Berrien County prosecutor:

“He gave her methamphetamine in exchange for sex, forced some penetrations, and assaulted her with weapons, and assault by strangulation. He also video recorded the sexual activity.”

He was facing life in prison. Larry was arrested on April twenty two thousand sixteen. This white clown took hostages on a second floor. Soon after, caps were blasted and this white man met his demise.

However, Zarya Stark, a courthouse employee claims she thought this incident occurred on a third floor. Another report claims that instead of two sheriff meeting their demise it was actually two retired police terrorists. Two other individuals were injured during this white terrorist attack.

These individuals are not white. According to my intelligence gathering, this white man was handcuffed in front. Also, his victims that met their demise were both white.

Just coincidentally one of his victims was “ex” military, Ronald Kienzle, whom served in the United States Army. According to the Sheriff of this county, Paul Bailey, Larry was not handcuffed.