La Loche – Fiasco Causes Four People to Meet Their Demise

I report on another alleged shooting incident that transpired January twenty second two thousand sixteen. However, this one occurred in Lo Loche, Saskatchewan, Canada. A seventeen year old male murdered four individuals at La Loche Community School and a nearby residence.

His name has not been released supposedly because of his age. Other victims were injured in this incident. However, names and numbers of victims have not been released.

This seventeen year old boy faces four counts of first degree murder, seven counts of attempted murder and one count of unauthorized possession of a firearm. Canada has greater restrictions on your natural right to defend yourself, than the United States of disgrace. One teacher, teachers assistant, and two teenage boys suppusedly met their demise.

La Loche is made up mostly of indigenous peoples. This alleged lone wolf gunman murdered two brothers at their home before murdering afore mentioned individuals. Supposedly, this teen shooting suspect shot his two brothers with a shotgun before shooting spraying bullets in La Loche Community School.

This shooting incident allegedly occurred around 1 PM local time. At 1:47 PM is when supposedly this teen lone wolf was apprehended and arrested. As is proverbial with most publicly disclosed shootings, this temporary internment camp used to brain white wash young offspring was placed on lockdown for multiple hours.

This shooter was a student at La Loche Community School. Also, he allegedly posted his intentions on facebook premeditated. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was wrong when he reported that five individuals met their demise.

This towns current active mayor Kevin Janvier claims it was his daughter that met her demise in this incident. Noel Desjarlais-Thomas aged sixteen claims he heard six or seven shots and was quoted as saying:

“Run, bro, run! There’s a shotgun! There’s a shotgun.

They were just yelling to me. And then I was hearing those shots, too, so of course I started running.”