Kraigen Grooms – Live Streams Rape of Toddler & Faces No Jail Time

Another white boy up to no good in his rigged hood. This time nineteen year old white savage Kraigen Grooms raped a two year old girl. He even live streamed this incident over the Internet.

Another man watched and recorded this barbaric deed. Also, Kraigen even plead guilty to this event and yet still did not receive any time in jail nor prison. Kraigen goes by the last name of Simmers as well.

Initially, he received a ten year sentence for one count of Engaging in a Lascivious Act with a Child. However, a judge decided to suspend all ten years and placed this white animal on five years supervised probation. Kraigen must register as a sex offender for rest of his life.

Local police gestapo found video taped evidence of this baby being raped. Kraigen was seventeen years old in two thousand thirteen when this occurred. Also, he was planning on raping a three year old boy.

Judge Randy Degeest, a white man, and terrorist to me, decided not require jail and or prison time. This incident becomes even more white washed. The family of his victim, a two year old girl, did not want Kraigen to get sentenced to any jail or prison time.

This event transpired in Ottumwa, Iowa. A petition has been created to have legal terrorist Judge Randy Degeest removed. This white baby raper only spent some time in a Juvenile detention center and county jail.

His trial was actually delayed for two years. Kraigen initially received a cash only bond of one hundred thousand fake federal reserve notes. He obtained a public defender as legal counsel.

At time of his initial arrest, he lived at 515 South Lillian Street in Ottumwa, Iowa. According to my intelligence gathering, his victim was most likely a little baby that was NOT white.