Kody Lott – Gunned Down Both Lauren Landavazo and Makayla Smith

Another white boy up to no good in the system of white terrorism. This time white savage Kody Lott capped both Lauren Landavazo and Makayla Smith. Lauren met her demise, while Makayla survived.

This is a black and white duality as Lauren was a white girl and Makayla is a black female. Rumors spread that possibly this white terrorist capped these two girls because this white girl Lauren was friends with Makayla. Police gestapo terrorists, from Wichita Falls, Texas, deny this was race related.

These two girls were walking home from a temporary internment camp also known as a middle school, when this white boy shot them with a rifle. He was driving in a sport utility vehicle. This transpired this past Friday September second two thousand sixteen.

However, Kody was not arrested until Sunday September four two thousand sixteen. Kody faces murder and aggravated assault charges. A four million dollar bail bond has been set.

Police gestapo claim Kody admitted to shooting both victims. Wichita Falls police have not found a motive and yet deny this is race related.

“There has been a recent report show up on social media and other websites that makes references to the shooting. The statement claims that it was committed by a white supremacist who targeted the victims due to their race and friendship.” The WFPD wants to strongly refute that claim.

There has been no evidence found to indicate such a motive.”

This white terrorist capped these two teen girls around 3:30 PM local time. These two girls attended McNeil Middle School. Multiple witnesses including middle school students saw this affair transpire.

Kody Lott was actually arrested for a gun charge not related to this event, at a nearby shopping mall. He was initially arrested for possession of a prohibited weapon, before confessing to his proverbial white behaviour.