Kim Nguyen – Was She Sexually Assaulted by Some Los Angeles Police?

This is a short twelve minute report concerning an alleged incident between possible Los Angeles police department terrorists and twenty seven year old Kim Nguyen. Kim Nguyen alleges two Los Angeles police department officers David Shin and Jinseok Oh on March 7, 2013 assualted, sexually assaulted, and then dumped her on a Los Angeles street unconscious. She has obtained a lawyer Arnoldo Casillas, and is suing the Los Angeles police department, which is a possible terrorist cell.

Los Angeles police terrorists, I mean officers claim that Kim Nguyen opened up a back door and fell out, all while still being handcuffed. Perhaps this event would have been white washed and covered up had it not been for a private surveillance camera across that street. It will be interesting to see what evidence will be allowed, in a future lawsuit.

Kim Nguyen was just visiting Korea town in Los Angeles and had visited a local club with a couple of friends. On early morning of March 7, 2013, two Los Angeles police officers, David Shin and Jinseok apprehended her and allegedly harassed her because of public intoxication. Both of her friends left and she was then detained, handcuffed, and eventually taken in a police vehicle.

Kim Nguyen

Alcohol was involved in this incident, but Los Angeles police officials never charged her with any alcohol related crimes such as driving under influence. Some RAW video does not clearly show police assaulting her and dumping her body on a public street pavement. However, that video does show her seemingly not conscious, handcuffed, and visibly beaten.

This could refute any claims by Los Angeles police that they had nothing to do with her assault. Also, any potential witnesses could help corroborate Kim Nguyen’s claims of sexual abuse by Los Angeles police officers. Will Kim Nguyen receive an apology, justice, monetary compensation, etc. for this egregious act?

Watch my short twelve minute report including RAW video of this incident and more analysis.