Khairuldeen Makhzoomi – Discriminated Against by Southwest Airlines

Another airlines has been caught discriminating against a passenger. This time Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight 4620 from Los Angeles to Oakland, California. Why was he kicked off this piece of shit airlines you ask?

He was speaking Arabic of all things. You see a fellow deranged passenger snitched on him for speaking a language besides english. Khairuldeen is a twenty six year old University of California, Berkeley student. He quickly called his uncle in Iraq.

Part of this phone conversation included arabic and he even told his uncle “insha’Allah”. Police terrorists soon boarded this disgusting Southwest Airlines plane and escorted him off. These thugs questioned why he was speaking in arabic and why he was having a “serious conversation”.

They even asked him what he knew about “martyrs”. Police K9 unit dogs were also placed nearby. Khairuldeen was even searched near his testicles. Khairuldeen was quoted verbatim:

“The way they searched me and the dogs, the officers, people were watching me and the humiliation made me so afraid because it brought all of these memories back to me.”

He escaped Iraq in two thousand two after his father was killed. Southwest Airlines gave him a refund but refused to book him on another one of their flights. He ended using Delta Airlines.

This piece of shit airlines, Southwest Airlines, has yet to apologize formally as of time of this blog post creation. Police terrorists showed up within two minutes. Also, Federal Bureau of Insugency, a well documented domestic terrorist organization questioned this muslim.

These terrorists also stole his wallet during this obvious discrimination against a muslim. This student said nothing threatening in arabic. Cowards from this piece of shit airlines released a public relations statement concerning this incident:

Prior to the departure of Flight 4620, our Crew made the decision to investigate a passenger report of potentially threatening comments overheard onboard our aircraft. Our Employees followed protocol by reviewing the situation with the passenger in question, as it is the responsibility of our Employees to respond to Customer concerns. While local law enforcement followed up with that passenger in our gate area, the flight departed.

We regret any less than positive experience a Customer has on Southwest.