Kenneth Sonnenfeld – Teacher Faces Child Molestation Felony Charge

A fifty two year old white Blaine, Minnesota elementary school teacher faces a felony second degree criminal sexual conduct charge. He is being accused of molesting one of his own students when she seeked help from this white man. This fourth grade teacher, touched genitilia of one of his students in two thousand fourteen and two thousand fifteen.

This nine year old told a forensic investigator that this white clown would touch her inappropriately while she stood next to him while answering mathamatics and science questions. She stopped seeking help with her studies from this teacher so that he would cease and desist molesting her. She was quoted as saying when she decided to complain about this translucent’s behavior:

“Her chest and stomach wouldn’t hurt anymore.”

Anoka Hennepin School District brain washers and indoctrinators released an official statement:

“The district immediately reported this complaint to law enforcement and appropriate agencies, and they’re currently investigating it. The district will also conduct an investigation and action may be taken as a result of those findings.”

Kenneth was arrested Tuesday March eight two thousand sixteen around 7 PM local Central time. He faces up to twenty five years in prison if convicted of felony second degree criminal sexual conduct. This white clown is still in jail pending a court hearing Thursday March ten two thousand sixteen.

This school district claims this teacher was placed on administrative leave. I was not able to ascertain whether or not he was placed on “paid” administrative leave or not.