Kelley Cradduck – Benton County Sheriff Facing Felony Charge

A white Benton County, Arkansas sheriff terrorist is facing multiple charges. This translucent clown was arrested on Tuesday January nineteen two thousand sixteen. This possible white collar criminal, pun intended, is facing one class D felony count of tampering with public records and one class A misdemeanor count of tampering.

This white sheriff terrorist has been released and actually has resumed duties as sheriff of Benton County. This white man has a court date of February twenty nine two thousand sixteen, where he will face these charges. Three other grievances have been filed against this clown, but they have all been ignored.

He asked employees to change records regarding a former jailer. Changing public records afterwards is illegal according to the white man’s rules in one of their white colonies AmeriKKKa. He is quoted as saying, regarding these accusations:

“There is nothing new to this information I will have my day in court, and am very confident that I will be vindicated. I would like to thank everyone who has reached out and continues to show support, prayers and love. I am not dropping out of the race, I’m going to stick to my message on what I plan to do to keep Benton county safe.”

This white man’s own subordinates have filed grievances against him, claiming they were punished with demotions, because they blew the whistle so to speak against him. These sheriff deputies claim this white sheriff acted inappropriate because he gave them an “illegal order to falsify county records”. Also, this sheriff forced his subordinates to hire a nineteen year old deputy before he passed a required psychological evaluation or physical.

This sheriff then spied on his own employees by starting an investigation to find out who reported his possible illegal actions. He even threatened to make his employees take a lie detector test, so he could expose those whistle blowers.