John Jay High School – Tackle of Referee Caused by His Insults?

A white referee was tackled by two John Jay High School players in late stages of a fifteen to nine loss. One possible reason one player blind sided this referee and another player jumped on him after is that this referee made bad call(s). Another allegation from both students and players at John Jay High School is that this white referee perpetrated racial slurs at both black and mexican players.

On Friday September four two thousand fifteen John Jay High School hosted a game of breads y circuses against Marble Falls High School. This incident was video graphed from multiple angles. Northside Independent School District and University Interscholastic League, brain white washing organizations are both investigating this incident.

Marble Falls Police terrorists are also investigating this video footage. Name of a white referee in question has not been released. Names of two players in question have not been released either.

This incident transpired with around one minute left in this greek roman style theatrics. John Jay High School players and students tweeted that this blind sided hit came after racial slurs were used by a targeted white official. One player involved in this hit was quoted as saying:

“offended by the disrespect”

of this official. This player also alleged that this white referee used racial slurs to describe black and mexican players. A father of one of these players involved is quoted as saying:

I have advised my son to let the school put out the response to that misconceived video. Once that happens I will be more than happy to share with you and to share my feelings about an unfortunate incident.

Both players involved in this blind sided tackle of a white referee have been suspended from John Jay High School. Marble Falls Police gestapo have not made any arrests yet and no charges have been filed.