Joe Arpaio – Department of Injustice Sues White Criminal Sheriff

The Department of Injustice or Justice for white people finally got around to settling a three year old lawsuit against this notorious white criminal also known as Joe Arpaio. This is not a first time this white “ex” military Army terrorist has been sued by the Justice Department. In nineteen ninety seven a similar suit was filed by this same department.

However, in those nearly twenty years little has changed in Maricopa County, Arizona. Under this white crook, people with color labeled Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, etc. have been targeted and terrorized for decades. Basically, Maricopa county has violated their natural rights also known as the white man’s constitutional rights.

Workers were illegally detained and multiple amendments were violated. Also, people whom used their natural right to free speech, when criticizing Arpaio, aka first amendment were targeted. This white corrupt Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, made certain that “Latino” vehicular drivers were targeted.

He will be forced to attend a trial next month. Joe Arpaio and his criminal Maricopa County Sheriff’s department targeted “legal” and “illegal” people with color. That to me is an important distinction.

Jail officials in this county referred to some people with color as “wetbacks”, “Mexican bitches”, and “stupid Mexicans”. As a matter of fact, a book co-authored by this white criminal in two thousand eight corroborates his white linguistic terrorism towards Mexicans. An attempt at recalling this crooked sheriff was made before but after sixty million dollars white people I mean local citizenry made certain he remained.

You can read an abbreviated version of The Justice Departments twenty two page lawsuit against Joe Arpaio.