Jeffrey Osborne – Meets Demise by His Own Son in South Carolina

Another white on white crime in Amerikkka. This time on September twenty eight two thousand sixteen, forty seven year old white man Jeffrey Osborne was shot dead by his own fourteen year old son. Also, this fourteen year old shot multiple people at a nearby elementary school.

He actually drove to this school and used a handgun. This fourteen year old white boy crashed this truck into a fence around Townville Elementary School near Charleston, South Carolina. His name has not been released.

Six year old Jacob hall was shot in his leg and is in critical condition. Another six year old boy was shot in his foot and released. A teacher was shot in their should and also released.

This elementary school brain white washes around two hundred eighty children. This white juvinile delinquent was arrested around 1:45 PM local time. This white teen boy was not able to enter this elementary school because teachers had locked all doors.

Students were bused to a nearby church. Classes at this temporary doctrination internment camp were cancelled for rest of this week. Local police gestapo arrived within seven minutes of a 911 emergency call from a teacher.

Police gestapo swarmed this school building and roof top. This white boy was not executed. Both victim and perpetrator were white.

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