Jared Fogle – White Jew Brags About Paying Teenage Girl For Sex

Jared Fogle allegedly bragged about having sex with a teenage girl. He sent text messages to a female colleague, about his sexual romps with a sixteen year old female. Also, he supposedly sent this same female colleague text messages, telling her to advertise herself for paid sexual gigs.

This is when he admitted to finding a teenage girl online and that this was "amazing". The Federal Bureau of Insurgency has subpoenaed these text messages as part of their continued child sexual abuse case. Jared Fogle's home was searched by Federal Bureau of Insurgency a few weeks ago, but has not been formerly charged for any crimes.

Not only did this white Jew brag about sex with a teenage girl he emphasized it as "amazing". This female colleague stipulates in text messages that he only paid one hundred dollars for services from a sixteen year old girl. The age of consent in Indiana for sex is sixteen years old.

Supposedly Jared Fogle had a residence in Indiana. No word whether or not this sixteen year old female resided in Indiana or another state. This same woman notified Subway management of his behavior and showed them his text messages, but they did not take any actions.

Subway denies she ever filed a complaint about him. Also, supposedly Jared Fogle asked this same woman if she could introduce him to her cousin that was under age, perhaps for sexual reasons? This women has asked for anonymity.

What is known about her is that she was having sexual relations with Jared and was a Subway franchise owner. These text messages, possibly indicting Jared Fogle, date back to two thousand and eight. Jared Fogle still has not been formally charged with any wrong doing, perhaps because he is a white man?

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