James Holmes Trial – White Terrorist Found Guilty of Mass Murder

Today a jury of nine women and three men found white male James Holmes guilty of several counts of murder. He murdered twelve people in Aurora, Colorado at a Century Sixteen movie theater. James Holmes pleaded insanity, but a jury didn’t buy that defense.

It took them most of two days to agree on a guilty verdict. This white male is facing a possible death penalty during a sentencing phase of this trial. This white terrorist wounded seventy people in addition to murdering twelve individuals on July twenty two thousand twelve.

The movie The Dark Knight Rises debuted on that day, at which time Holmes perpetrated his crimes. One hundred and sixty five guilty verdicts were read in court. James Holmes gunned down his victims in Aurora Century Sixteen movie theater number 9.

He was a former Colorado University graduate student. This trial lasted around three months and Holmes claimed he was not guilty because of insanity. Around three million dollars was spent on this white persons trial.

The largest jury pool ever in American history around nine thousand people was used in this trial. James Holmes spent twenty two hours of psychiatric evaluation for this trial. Whether or not this white boy gets a death sentence remains until final sentencing.