James Dillon – Sets 1 Homeless on Fire Causes 1 to Meet Demise

A white boy set one homeless person on fire and killed another in Queens New York City on March six two thousand sixteen. This all began around 11:30 AM Eastern time when this twenty three year old white boy slashed a thirty nine year old female on her face and head. Thankfully she survived as she is a woman with color.

Around 3:10 PM this white savage then fatally knifed a fifty five year old liquor store owner. His rampage was not yet complete as James then set a sixty one year old homeless man on fire. This victim was rushed to Cornell Hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

Local police terrorists found this white boy near his home and a chase ensued. James sprayed a not known chemical on police and refused to drop his knife. As is per usual and proverbial in the system of white terrorism, he was not killed but shot twice in both legs, perhaps because he was white.

Another perhaps intentional ploy, is that these same police terrorists are claiming that this white boy has a history of “mental illness”. James was arrested in his own back yard. One of his victims Bertha Carpio was quoted verbatim:

“He got mad because I looked at him. He said, ‘What are you looking at, you fucking bitch?’ I felt the pain and I pushed him away, and I ran down the street.

Everyone’s scared of him. she said. He’s a scary person. He looks like he’s going to hurt you.