Illegal Search – Lincoln Police Try to Seize House After Search

December 21, 2010

Local Lincoln, Nebraska police seize a families house after responding to a man playing with a crossbow in his backyard. A neighbor had called local police, to report this incident. Local police then told his wife that they would seize their house after she refused to let them search her home.

She stated police officers would need a search warrant to enter her home when they asked to come inside her premises. One officer then told her that they could and would seize their home. Her husband was arrested after an alleged altercation with two officers.

Police claimed her husband may have assaulted two officers. His wife claimed he did nothing wrong. Police initially responded to her neighbor’s call, as it is allegedly illegal to shoot a bow and arrow within Lincoln, Nebraska city limits.

You can watch video footage below of incident from a Reality Unknown YouTube channel. Coincidentally, a person on Facebook had posted a link to an original twenty minute video under a YouTube corneliuscomedy username. I noticed that when I tried to view it directly on YouTube, a message stated it was removed by that user, but I was able to download it to my local computer.

I will keep both parts up. So far nobody has asked me to remove them. I split an original video uploaded to YouTube that was twenty minutes long.

It seems that at an end of part two, an original video may have been longer than twenty minutes. Unless a lady filming, stopped her camera, but it seems like there is more video. If I’m able to find an entire video of this incident, I will upload any additional parts.

UPDATE: In January 2015, Stephanie Shaw requested I pull both video clips. As a matter of fact she claimed copyright infringement and now I have a copyright strike. I learned my lesson trying to help out some white people.

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