Hunter Bellew – Caused One Person to Meet Demise in Home Invasion

Another white boy up to no good in his rigged hood. This time an eighteen year old white boy named Hunter Bellew broke into a residence and murdered a fifty year old homeowner.  Tony McCartney met his demise in his own 4900 block of Riddles Bend Road home in Rainbow City, Alabama.

He was murdered by one gunshot wound to his head. Hunter was acquainted with his victim and even lived within a mile at one time. Police gestapo claim this white boy conducted a robbery.

Also, he was captured around 6:30 PM Sunday November six two thousand sixteen. This white boy was driving a nineteen ninety eight white Toyota Tacoma pickup, with Alabama license plate tag 31BH254.  His victim was a white man according to Rainbow City police gestapo whom found him dead in his bedroom.

Another case of white on white criminality. Hunter may have been armed and dangerous as some of Tony's weapons and ammunition were found missing. This white boy was accompanied by a fifteen year old girl for a time.

She called her mother from a nearby firestation. She told some firefighters that she was with Hunter.

"She described the area that she had last seen him in. She felt uncomfortable with him, he was acting erratic, and not really normal to her. "

Police gestapo found this white savage with a potential murder weapon and two other guns. Hunter was arrested and is now located at Etowah County Jail. He is being charged with murder without bail bond.

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