Hoaxbusterscall Chris Kendall – Death and His Military Connections

UPDATE: 06/27/2020

After further investigation. Chris Kendall admits that he was born into a military family in this Talkshoe with Markus Allen and a slew of other “Truthers”. At 42:30 into this conversation Chris Kendall spills the military beans.

“Yeah, I mean and my brother is in the military. My dad was in the military. My dad was actually a green baret.”

Also, his sister, Renee Robinson, commented on this Talkshoe audio that was uploaded to Youtube that “…He had a accident and died…”. She was referring to her brother Chris Kendall. When Chris was initially found dead, his sister claimed that he was murdered.

She seems to change her story at times from him being murdered to him dying from an accident. I do not know why this is.

I was working on a future video report about former congressman and presidential hopeful, Ron Paul, being a freemason, when I found out that Chris Kendall from Hoaxbusterscall had died on April 10 of 2020. You see Chris Kendall had contacted I think the former secretary of an Eastern Star lodge, to verify whether or not Ron Paul’s daughters were indeed Eastern Star freemasons. I decided to record this video report, because I actually participated with Chris Kendall on TalkShoe.com calls in 2009.

Chris Kendall made his first appearance from my recollection on Markus Allen Goldstein’s Truth in 7 Minutes podcast on TalkShoe.com sometime in 2009. At first he would just call in and participate with myself, Markus Allen, and other individuals. Then later in 2009 he created his Hoaxbusterscall Talkshoe podcast.

He invited me numerous times to become a guest participant. I also invited him on as a guest participant. Almost always Markus Allen would participate and even invite both Chris Kendall and I onto his podcast.

I parted ways with the hole truth movement niche, as I was getting sick and tired of the infighting, gossiping, and what I consider other nonsense that transpires in that phony movement. Anyways, I think that early 2011 was the last time I had communicated with both Chris Kendall and Markus Allen. Jayce, I think that is how you spell his name, from the Alien Fossil Project recorded a video pertaining to Chris Kendall’s Hoaxbusterscall a few years ago.

Alien Fossil Project’s father was also “ex” military interestingly enough. That video is one of the few times since 2011 that I had listened to anything with Chris Kendall involved. I moved on long ago, with other aspirations, obviously.

I was going to use Chris Kendall’s audio recording of that telephone call with a former secretary of a local Eastern Star lodge in Texas as proof for my Ron Paul report, which I still plan to record. Hopefully, I can find it in Chris’s Hoaxbusterscall archives. Either way I will eventually record a video detailing Ron Paul’s military connections, freemasonic connections, and bold face lies about his foreign policy stance.

Markus Allen Goldstein of Truthin7minutes infamy, claims that Chris Kendall may have faked his death. Also, Markus claims Chris’s sister is some kind of serial GoFundMe money raiser. I am suspicious of Chris Kendall’s death.

However, not in the manner that Markus Allen Goldstein claims. Chris Kendall was actually “ex” military. He served in the United States Navy for 6 years before receiving an honorable discharge.

I do not necessarily buy the claim that he died accidentally of in laymans terms, “bleeding to death”. He was found deceased in his backyard in Lawton Oklahoma around 2:30 PM local time on April 10 of 2020. I never met Chris Kendall in person.

I never spoke to him individually on private telephone calls. However, I participated with him in quite a few public conference calls in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Hopefully, my video report about him was productive.

I do not have any proof to the contrary of his death. However, county coroner’s offices in the United States have been known to fabricate the cause of death on death certificates. I just do not necessarily believe that he died from an accidentental bleeding of his left leg.

Allegedly, an autopsy was performed on Chris Kendall. However, will that become public information? Life is short enough on planet earth, let alone having to deal with another possible homicide, at least to me.