Hattiesburg Mississippi – Shots Fired at Jade Helm 15 Soldiers

As I am sure you are well aware of, the United States government military, a terrorist organization to me, will have ongoing military training this summer inside American borders, also known as Jade Helm 15. Today, some reports of shots being fired at some of these training terrorists. These events allegedly partook at Camp Shelby, in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Camp Shelby is a military post for current future terrorists to train on how to murder people and maybe even animals. Multiple media whore outlets have reported multiple shooters but proclaim nobody was injured. Two white men allegedly fired shots at some of these Jade Helm 15 soldiers.

These white men allegedly exclaimed “broken arrow” as they took shots at terrorists in training, from a Ford Ranger pickup truck. It is such a shame that they had missed. This military training center is vast with around one hundred thirty four thousand acres or five hundred twenty five square kilometers.

United States Special Forces Command confirmed that Camp Shelby is part of Jade Helm 15 training. Amazingly enough, a red Ford Ranger pickup truck with “BROKEN ARROW” detailed on this vehicles windshield was recovered. This vehicle was allegedly found at 600 block of Old Augusta Road.

Supposedly, broken arrow is terrorist speak for

when a unit or camp is overrun.

Interestingly enough the United States Government military has not referred to this as any kind of act of terrorism. Perhaps because these alleged suspects were white.

This military camp is currently hosting around four thousand six hundred military terrorists. Perhaps this is a psychological operations or false flag inside job as part of Jade Helm 15 training. Who knows I was not present to observe these alleged shots fired at military training at Camp Shelby. Two individuals that were driving that Ford Ranger truck have not been charged with any crimes nor were they arrested.