Glendale Arizona – Independence High School Fiasco: 2 Meet Demise

Another alleged school shooting in white people’s white colony AmeriKKKa. This time supposedly two teen girls met their demise at a Glendale, Arizona Independence High School. Two fifteen year old girls were supposedly shot right before 8 AM local Arizona time.

Police terrorists claim they found two deceased students lying next to each other. They claimed they found a weapon next to them. Also, they did not label this an active shooter incident.

Students from this temporary internment camp that brain white washes two thousand youth were released. However, local authoritative terrorists did NOT allow their parents to pick up their own children at this school. Instead, parents were required to arrive at the Walmart near 75th Avenue and Glendale Avenue.

Adding insult to injury these parents were then required to show photo identification, before they were then bused to Independence High School, to reunite with their child or children. These parents with children in two were then to get bused back to that Walmart and treated like cattle. Students attending this indoctrination camp were allowed to leave campus either by foot or vehicle.

However, supposedly they were required to contact their parents before they were released. This high school was then placed on lock down. Another report claims that one of these teens may have fired these fatal shots in a murder suicide.

Local police terrorists are not searching for a shooter or suspect. Some parents actually voiced frustration of this dog and pony show they had to go through to obtain their offspring. These two teen girls supposedly each suffered one gunshot wound to their head and were found near an administration building.

However, a student Kylee Kilpatrick told her mother she heard shots being fired while she was in a bathroom. This administration building is supposedly in an isolated area of this school campus. Some nearby elementary schools were placed under lock down even though there was no active shooter declared.