Gendou – A Way of Language by Heron Stone

Gendo: a way of language
Hosted by: heron stone

Eliminating linguistic obstacles to waking up from an age old trance humans call “reality”. You’ve been hypnotized and hijacked by your own language machine. You believe that a voice in your head is who and what you really are.

Your so called “self”. You live in an illusion that you actually know what reality REALLY is. You don’t.

I don’t. Nobody knows. It’s time to wake up!

The Surgeon’s Story

While driving home from a soccer game one sunny Saturday afternoon, a man and his son were involved in a head on collision. That father was killed instantly. That son was rushed to a nearby hospital in serious condition.

A surgeon entered an operating room, saw that boy and said, “I can’t operate on him. He’s my son!” Can you think of a problem with that story?

Heron Stone hosts a broadcast five days a week on Fridays through Mondays and Wednesdays. His broadcast primarily deals with language and linguistics.

Are you curious about language and linguistics? Heron Stone also discusses some stupidities of an English language. Absolutism, duality, reification, the word THE, and the verb to be are covered.

Basically, one of his premises is that most humans are in a language trance. They might be unconscious when they speak the English language. Some individuals might also believe everything they speak of as they are articulating themselves.

Do you think it is important to learn how to speak proper English and continue studying it even after your formal educational years? Have you thought that perhaps the English language is mired with problems that can cause people to argue with one another when discussing subjects?