Free Energy Power Generator – is Free Energy Really Possible?

The plasma arc generator producing a plasma arc at a spark plug. Simple, easy and beyond conventional theory. Plasma arc generator four thousand five hundred mile update including plug ware, performance, mileage and exciting new discoveries. Nineteen ninety three to nineteen ninety six video camera recordings by two enthusiasts.

Joe describes a process of his water fuel cell which generates hydrogen. Very detailed and easy to understand. Is it possible to obtain hydrogen energy via simply water?

Some proponents of hydrogen powered automobiles claim you can separate hydrogen atoms from oxygen atoms in water. Once these hydrogen atoms are separated, then you can burn this combustible hydrogen to produce energy sufficient enough to power an automobile. One potential problem perhaps may not be separating hydrogen from oxygen.

A potential problem is that burning hydrogen creates a byproduct of water. This excess water would need collecting or emitted. Since only water is emitted then potential air pollution could be nullified.

Also, this excess water could be reused in an infinite loop perhaps of creating energy out of water by burning hydrogen atoms. A plasma arc generator using a type of spark plug could be used in tandom with hydrogen atoms to power an automobile. Plasma is basically a gas but can be used to create an arc, along with spark plugs to ignite hydrogen.

Some people claim that hydrogen, plasma, perpetual motion, magnets, among other technologies to create what is called free energy. Free energy is sometimes defined as creating a surplus of energy. Energy devices now use up energy but do not replenish that energy, thus you end up losing energy.

By no means am I a physics expert but have tried to ascertain free energy concepts. Do you think that free energy is possible?

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  1. I have been powering things on water for some time now. Its kind of like the battery, but uses no salts, acids or chemicals, only water. I use pure magnesium for negative electrode and copper for positive. Ive been running things like wall clocks, digital clocks, led lights, motors and so forth. I made a live cam site showing different things I run on water, which I change now and then. If you want to visit the site its

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