Frazier Cross – Jury Finds This White Supremacist Guilty

Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., a white man was found guilty of capital murder today August thirty one two thousand fifteen. A jury found him guilty of murdering three people in less than two hours. He murdered these people at two Jewish sites in Johhnson County, Kansas.

As he was found guilty of capital murder, he interrupted a judge and flashed a nazi salute. This is same salute he gave after capping a teen, his grandfather, and another woman visiting a retirement center. This white supremacist terrorst was found guilty of all charges he faced.

Frazier Glenn Cross Jr. represented himself in this case. He was displeased with a court process and was quoted as saying:

“Please show some respect. Respect? I have no respect for you, this court or any damn thing associated with it,” “In fact, I hate every damn one of you because you are whores of the Jews.”

This white terrorist was belligerent through his trial. Also, he is often referred to by another name of Glenn Miller. This white clown wrote on a board during his closing arguments:

“Diversity is a code word for white genocide.”

Frazier Glenn Cross even threatened this jury, that later deliberated and found this degenerate white person guilty. This man pleaded not guilty, even though he admitted to killing sixty nine year old William Corporon and his fourteen year old grandson, Reat Griffin Underwood, outside the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park Kansas. Also, he murdered fifty three year old Terri LaManno outside a nearby Village Shalom retirement center on April thirteen, two thousand fourteen.

Ironically, Frazier Cross murdered three christians outside Jewish establishments. He will be facing a death penalty, but perhaps real Karma will surface. You see this white terrorist is dying of emphysema.

What goes around comes around in the system of white terrorism.