Fhu-Qui Nguyen – Suspected of Causing Mississippi State Lockdown

Here we go again with another alleged shooting suspect at yet another institution of brain white washing, I mean learning. Fhu-Qui Con Nguyen was named as a suspect that supposedly caused a Mississippi state lockdown on August twenty seven two thousand fifteen. This freshman student at this temporary internment camp, also goes by Bill Nguyen.

Around 10:20 AM local time, a total lockdown was requested by clowns at Mississippi State University. As is proverbial in a system of White terrorism, reports of an “active shooter” were flat out false. A gunman on campus was reported that never materialized.

Around one hour later, Fhu-Qui Con Nguyen was detained. Not one report of shots fired or injuries occurred. Yet this approximate twenty thousand student campus was placed on lockdown.

This suspect was eventually arrested. However, no weapons were found on him. How could he have been an alleged gunman if he was not armed?

Also, allegations have been made that after this lockdown was lifted there were reports of gun fire. Initially, one report of gun fire was actually screeching from automobile tires. You cannot make this shit up.

Another common theme in what I call the system of White terrorism, is that some reports claim that multiple persons were involved in this incident. However, only an alleged lone wolf gunman was arrested. An alert from this nefarious institution claimed that an armed suspect was on campus near Lee Hall.

This was a flat out lie since this information was recanted. Perhaps, the real terrorists in this scenerio are these alleged officials both in law enforcement and Mississippi State University whose initial claims were false. Mississippi State University police terrorists arrested Fhu-Qui Con Nguyen also known as Bill Nguyen because allegedly he threatened to commit suicide and homicide.

These allegations could also be false considering a track record of disinformation, misinformation, etc. perpetrated by these alleged “officials” which to me could possibly be a code word for “white people”.