FBI Claim They Block Planned Race Conflict by White Supremacists

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, which to me is a domestic terrorist organization, claimed today November ten two thousand fifteen, that they thwarted a planned race war. This alphabet soup agency claims they prevented three white supremacist terrorists from bombing black churches and synagogues. Ronald Chaney, age thirty three, and Robert Doyle, age thirty four were arrested.

Federal Bureau of Insurgents claim these two white clowns were attempting to acquire “an automatic weapon, explosives, and a pistol with a silencer,” from an “illegal” arms dealer, that actually was an undercover Federal Bureau of Insurgent. Allegedly, Ronald and Robert, were affiliated with a Norse Asatru Faith which supposedly has been associated with white supremacy before. Ronald was arrested when he went to make a final purchase of translucent armory.

However, Federal Bureau of Insurgency claims that Ronald was suspicious that this was a federal setup with this quote:

“It just sounds like, it sounds like ATF to me. It sounds like a … Fed operation.”

His crooked white compatriot Robert was arrested later that day November eight two thousand fifteen. These possible white terrorists were planning on obtaining land and stockpiling weaponry for what they deemed a possible race war. A third white boy named Charles Daniel Halderman, aged thirty, was also apprehended.

He is being charged with “conspiracy”. A preliminary detention hearing is scheduled for November twelve two thousand fifteen. Perhaps this domestic terrorist organization, the Federal Bureau of Insurgent terrorists assisted these white terrorists, but for some reason something went wrong with their plot.

You see the FBI has had a habitual historical history of planning and perpetrating terrorist acts themselves. One other point of contention I dispute is that language of a “race war”. There already is an existing race war on Continente Norte America perpetrated by white people against people with color.