FBI Alert Lies About Threats Toward Military Families in Colorado

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, which is a terrorist organization to me, released an alert on Tuesday August four two thousand fifteen, claiming some military families in Colorado and Wyoming, were receiving threats from Middle Eastern men. This was quickly contradicted on Thursday August six two thousand fifteen, when this same terror cell, claimed that an investigation performed found “No Credible Threats” towards military families by middle eastern men. This alphabet soup agency first alerted all law enforcement agencies in both Colorado and Wyoming, to look out for suspicious Middle Eastern men that had been approaching United States military families.

This is obvious perjury because an outcome of their investigation found no such activity two days later. This original alert claimed these men approached residents at their homes and tried to obtain information by intimidation. However, the Denver FBI division released a statement that they had not found any instances of any threats to any military families in Colorado and Wyoming by alleged Middle Eastern men.

What is also interesting is that I was not able to find any mention of these alerts of threats on the FBI.gov website. Neither under their news section or press releases. Perhaps they release some of this bullshit propaganda through militarized media instead.

This is nothing new, the Federal Bureau of Insurgency has a historical track record of lying or at a very least flip flopping on their alerts. A local media whore outlet sourced SIR document number SIR-00018733294 as basis for Federal Bureau of Insurgency concluding that their were “No Credible Threats”. However, I was able to find this document from a website PublicIntelligence.net.

This is an unclassified document that was actually allegedly released on July second two thousand fifteen. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency did not release an alert through what I consider the United States government military media until August four two thousand fifteen and yet two days later they did not find any credible threats. Perhaps the Federal Bureau of Insurgent terrorists knew all along that these threats did not exist but decided to release this alert for propaganda purposes?