Energy Management – Do You Think Free Energy is Possible?

The necessity of a new energy policy:

A modern energy question is one of great importance. Survival of mankind is at stake. We cannot, as we clearly see at beginning of the twenty first century, continue using fossil fuels.

We need to switch over to sustainable energy sources, partly because of a fact that resources of oil, gas and other fossil fuels are getting depleted, but also because of administrative and military conflicts that are associated with a striving for a new world order.

Two policies of winning sustainable energy:

Concerning sustainable energy there are two options: an indirect and direct winning of sustainable energy. An indirect winning of energy freely available in nature consists of transformation of a natural and materially perceptible impulse into electricity with help of notably solar cells, windmills and hydroelectric power stations.

The paradigmatic conflict:

A paradigmatic conflict between direct winning of energy at one hand and an existing transformation of raw materials in association with a secondary sustainable technologies at another hand has a long history. A conflict resulted in destruction and repression of work of early pioneers in this field like Nikola Tesla (1846-1943), the inventor of alternating current, and Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), who made several discoveries in this line of research . After the death of Tesla were his papers confiscated by the american government and kept secret because one didn’t want his inventions in a field of weapons technology to end up in wrong hands?

An invention to think with one’s hands:

Paradigm means thought model, a frame of mind in which all kinds of models and theories find their explanation and method of measurement. A paradigm can thus be a certain apparatus, a certain machine, referring to certain relations of forces in nature. Thus are next to machines of clocks and communication means, also those found of energy converters representing a certain frame of mind, a certain paradigm.

The paradigm of the relative ether:

An actual, ruling paradigm may be called a paradigm of relativism which is based upon old formulations of Einstein wherein he declared that an assumption of an existence of ether was ‘unnecessary’. Relative of morality and matter is not wrong on itself, to contrary, but an -ism thereof is wrong when we along with it propose that there wouldn’t exist anything absolute anymore. That was never Einstein’s intention and this interpretation annoyed him.

Intelligent pulse driven magnet motor drive principle:

Explanation of a magnetic motor principle, which is a combination of Hamel’s principle for magnetic spin and Bhaskara’s and DaVinci’s gravity wheel designs. This magnetic flywheel requires a minimal intelligent impulse to run with speed. Thus, may in harnessing negative energy, gravitons of ether, or zero point, or vacuum energy if you like, lead to over unity devices, UFO like anti-gravity with higher speeds or even dimensional shifting with super speeds, and thus add to a solution for the world’s energy and transportation problems.

Reference is made to some work of Howard Johnson, John Bedini, and Tom Bearden. Do you think free energy is possible?