Emily Pitha – John McCain Fundraiser Faces Severe Legal Charges

John McCain, a criminal politician in his own right, hired a fundraiser that now faces severe drug charges. Thirty four year old white woman and her thirty six year old white boyfriend, Christopher Hustrulid, face felony drug charges. A Maricopa County, Arizon search warrant revealed a meth lab in their home.

Also, other drugs were found in this home. Emily was an RSVP contact for John McCain’s fundraising efforts. Also, she was a former staff member for another criminal politician, former United States Senator Jon Kyl.

This white woman was immediately dismissed of her duties with John McCain’s campaign. An active meth lab, LSD, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and raw ecstasy were all found at this house. These two white clowns face multiple charges which might include child endangerment.

A five year old and ten year old child were living with this white couple. Both of these white people were arrested. These two clowns were busted because Christopher signed for a package from the Nederlands, containing two hundred fifty grams of ecstasy.

According to my intelligence gathering Emily Pitha was born on June fifteen nineteen eighty one. Her full name is Emily Orme Pitha. She is currently in custody and is in custody for:


T267026 is her booking number. I was not able to obtain her bail if any. Also, I was not able to obtain any information on Christopher’s bail if any.

Christopher Hustrulid’s date of birth is December nineteen nineteen seventy nine. Also, he is in custody for MARIJUANA-POSSESS/USE.