Emile Hirsch – Pleads Guilty For Assaulting Daniele Bernfeld

Emile Hirsch, a white Hollyweird I mean Hollywood movie actor, was sentenced today, after pleading guilty for assaulting Daniele Bernfeld. He will only serve fifteen days in jail, perform fifty hours of community service, and pay four thousand seven hundred fifty fake federal reserve notes in fines. This white man assaulted this white woman, earlier this year in January two thousand fifteen, at Sundance Film Festival of all places.

This thirty year old circus clown assaulted this female studio executive from behind, no pun intended. Daniele Bernfeld claims this white boy put her in a choke hold from behind and then dragged her across a table. Finally, he slammed her to floor.

She is an executive for Insurge Pictures, which is a subsidiary of Paramount Pictures. Allegedly, this white woman was apprehensive about reporting this incident. This event took place on January twenty five two thousand fifteen, at Tao Nightclub in Park City, Utah.

She came to her senses and filed charges because reports of this incident had already been made public. She had red marks on her neck, the night of this incident. Emile Hirsch only pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge.

Initially, he was questioned, detained, and released without charges, perhaps because he was white. He was not formally charged for another three weeks later. Emile Hirsch's initial charges were aggravated assault and intoxication.

This included a felony, potentially five years in prison, and five thousand dollar fine. On March sixteen two thousand fifteen he turned himself to Park City, Utah sheriff wearing a suit and tie. As if he was about to attend a gala affair, pun intended.

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