Eastridge Mall – Fiasco Leaves One Injury and Suspect Detained

Another alleged shooting incident at a shopping mall occurred today January twenty five two thousand sixteen. This time Eastridge Mall in Gastonia, North Carolina was the grand stage. Local police terrorists claim that one lone wolf gunman nut job has been apprehended.

Also, allegedly this clown was actually injured when supposedly trying to flee from police. This event allegedly transpired near 2:30 PM local Eastern time. As is proverbial in white people’s system of white terrorism, there are conflicting reports.

Possible capitalistic whores visiting this capitalistic brothel claim shots were fired and feared an active shooter. However, local police terrorists claim otherwise and deny that there was an active shooter. Police claim one single man was armed and threatened to harm himself.

This clown then tried to evade police. Allegedly, one individual was injured in this fiasco, this armed person. Supposedly, he was taken out on a stretcher, placed into an ambulance and transported to a not disclosed local hospital.

At time of this blog post creation, nobody knows his condition or why police were suspicious of him to begin with. No other injuries have been substantiated. This mall that is located in Gastonia, North Carolina, which is near Charlotte, is still open for prostitution, I mean commerce.

Police terrorists have yet to discuss why they were even dispatched to this shopping mall. Also, police gestapo claim no single entity suffered gun shot wounds. Another report claims that not only were shots fired initially, but that when police terrorists arrived more gun shots occurred.

Other reports claim that shots were fired outside a food court. Another report claims that a victim of an automobile jacking found their vehicle and vehicle jacker at this mall. This vehicle jacker then fired gun shots as he ran outside this mall.

No word yet on whether police, sheriff, military or any government military alphabet soup agency perpatrated this event.