Dubai Luxury Hotel Fire Does NOT Cause Skyscraper to Collapse

A fire began in Dubai United Arab Emirates at the Address Downtown luxury hotel on December thirty first two thousand fifteen. This skyscraper was ablaze for well over twelve hours and yet this steel and concrete did not collapse. This sixty three story building was engulfed in flames and smoke until afternoon of January first two thousand sixteen.

Fire fighters tried extinguishing this blaze over night to no avail. This fire allegedly began at nine thirty PM local time. Fire fighters gave up around twelve hours later when they lost water pressure.

They were able to later continue to spray this building with water, but this building still did NOT collapse. This fire allegedly began on twenty floor of this Address Downtown skyscraper, according to local government media. Small fires were still active during afternoon of January first two thousand sixteen.

However, witnesses who saw this fire start, claim this fire started on first floor. Emaar Properties constructed this sixty three story skyscraper which includes the Address Downtown luxury hotel and even some residential units. Most of this building was on fire at one point and even explosions were heard around and inside this building.

Sixteen people were supposedly injured and allegedly curtains catching on fire on twentieth floor were a culprit. An investigation into this fire is allegedly being performed. However, no explanation yet as to why for most part this entire building was engulfed in flames and yet did not collapse.

On September eleventh two thousand one the United States government military exclaimed and proclaimed that seven buildings suffered fires far less serious and yet we are told all those buildings collapsed due to fires. This fire spread quickly and vertically on the outside of this sixty three story skyscraper. As of time of this blog post creation this massive building that burned for over twelve hours has yet to collapse.