Denver Coliseum – Fiasco Causes One Person to Meet Their Demise

Another alleged shooting incident in a public venue, occurred today January thirty two thousand sixteen, in white people’s white colony AmeriKKKa. This time closer to home at either the Denver Coliseum or National Western Stock Show complex. Denver police terrorists initially claimed this shooting incident occurred inside the Denver Coliseum but later changed their minds and claimed this occurred inside the National Western Stock Show.

One person met their demise and allegedly nine others or nine total were injured. Supposedly, this shooting occurred at 12:48 PM local Mountain time. Gun shots were supposedly heard inside the National Western Stock Show which is across from the Denver Coliseum.

Supposedly, up to nine injured victims were sent to Denver Health Medical Center. However, hospital officials have not released any information about these alleged injuries. This witchcraft I mean health center was placed on lock down to supposedly protect hospital staff and victims I mean patients.

Police terrorists are supposedly securing entrances. No suspect has been taken into custody, but police terrorists claim this is an “active scene”. Once again, Denver police terrorists erroneously reported this shooting occurred inside the Denver Coliseum when it supposedly occurred across the street at the stock show complex.

Also, a stabbing allegedly occurred during this fiasco. The Colorado Motorcycle Exposition was scheduled for this weekend at this location. No information has been made available of numbers of people that were shot.

Other reports claim multiple shootings occurred at this event, but no definitive number. One witness who wanted to remain anonymous claims that rival biker gangs collided. Serfs wanting to re-enter or enter this facility are not allowed in.

Serfs enjoying some bread and circuses have not been evacuated. Supposedly, some people that wanted to enter the National Western Stock Show are pissed off that they won’t be allowed back inside. Another breads and circuses event later this evening has not been cancelled and so the show must go on…lol