Dating to Relationship – Is interracial Dating Problematic?

Pam, a co author of Black Love is a Revolutionary Act and Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation returns to The Context of White Supremacy. She felt it was important to seriously address maturity, sacrifices, and potential loss of life that will be required to solve a problem of racism white supremacy. It’s easy to name call and talk tough from a desktop computer.

Neutralizing a well organized terrorist gang in this known universe is no easy task and will require an awesome effort. Pam will remind us of personal growth and discipline that counter racism demands. The Context of White Supremacy welcomed a return of Pam.

Pam is a widely recognized favorite of the Context of White Supremacy listeners, and co author of several stand out counter racist publications. Including, Black Love is a Revolutionary Act and The Interracial Con Game. They discussed aspects of racist contamination that prevents black people from having more constructive and healthful relationships with other black people, also known as victims of racism.

They asked that listeners dial in to offer suggestions on ways to improve a quality of relationships with other black people. They were sure to remind everyone that white people have been triumphant at getting black people to oppose and or not cooperate with other black people. Under a system of racism white supremacy, are interracial relationships also known as white people fornicating and or procreating with people with color, actually a detriment?

Why would white people want to have sexual relationships with people of color and yet still practice racism against them? Why would white people want to potentially create offspring with people with color? Do you think inter racial dating is problematic?